Did Cryptocurrency Crash Get You Down?

Did Cryptocurrency Crash Get You Down?

Highly popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have been extremely volatile. Over the past year, the prices of those currencies skyrocketed. However, in recent weeks, they both tumbled more than 35% from their highs.

People looking for enriching investments without any unpredictable and wild swings have come to the right place. This article presents some of the contributors` stock ideas that are useful for creating potential wealth without the volatility associated with cryptocurrency. Here are some arguments why those contributors believe that First Solar, Brookfield Infrastructure, and Partners Enbridge are better options.

Building a Strong Base


Reuben Gregg Brewer talks about Enbridge – a Canadian pipeline giant. While it seems odd to digital currencies, the company has offshore wind power projects situated in Europe. These projects will help provide the world with clean energy that might be used for mining digital coins. Today, the clean energy business of this company is only about 4% of adjusted EBITDA. Still, it will grow in some years as investments are taking part in it.

If you are fed up with the volatility of the cryptocurrency, there are other 96% of adjusted EBITDA. Roughly 55% comes from oil pipelines, 28% from natural gas pipelines, and 15% from a natural gas distribution business. It is a leader in all of these divisions in the North American category. They generate reliable cash flows that will provide the foundation for renewable power growth for the future.

However, the best part is that Enbridge’s dividend yield is around 8% because of the negative stigma attached to carbon-based businesses today. Extensive quarterly dividend checks and a clean energy shift might lift your spirits and help shelter your portfolio in the crypto world.

Future Cryptocurrency Mining Could Benefit This Stock


Neha Chamaria says that Cryptocurrencies crushed in recent weeks. However, if the mix of potential returns with high risk excites you, consider investing in a solar stock and forgetting crypto. Lately, it has been experiencing a crash, but it has a more substantive growth than a cryptocurrency. However, there can be a link between these two.

Earlier this month, cryptocurrencies slumped after Elon Musk announced the suspension of car purchases using Bitcoin, mentioning the increasing use of fossil fuels for mining. In other words, crypto miners should adopt renewable energy sources using solar energy. So you might need to check out First Solar, which is now down nearly 23%.

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