Disney Reported Strong Q1 Data, Announced Employee Layoff

On Wednesday, Walt Disney announced a robust FY2023 Q1 despite subscriber loss, as they plan to lay off staff to increase profitability. Its stock price went up by 0.13% to $111.78 per share on February 08. Besides, the company is anticipated to rise by 5.42% to $117.84 apiece in the upcoming session.

Likewise, the earnings per share of Disney increased to $0.99, higher than analysts’ $0.79 forecast. It rose from the previous $0.30 figures. The firm’s current EPS is equivalent to a 5.00% growth after the bell. Furthermore, its revenue spiked to $23.51 billion, above the $23.43 billion estimates. It jumped from the former $20.15 billion data.

Also, the net income of Disney developed to $1.28 billion or $0.70 a share. The profits are better than the $1.10 billion or $0.60 per share a year ago.

Meanwhile, its parks, experiences, and products divisions earned a 21.00% to $8.70 billion progress in the recent quarter. The $6.00 billion revenue came from its theme park locations.

According to Disney, guests spent more money and time visiting its parks, hotels, and cruises in that quarter. In addition, their new digital products, such as the Genie+ and Lightning Lane, contributed to high earnings. Moreover, direct-to-consumer income increased by 13.00% to $5.30 billion, while the operating loss rose by 78.00% to $1.05 billion.

CEO of Disney Slashed Huge Employee Count

Disney reported a restructuring under the reinstated CEO Bob Iger. It could lead to a 7,000 headcount decrease in their workforce. This move was an effort to save $5.50 billion in costs and to make their streaming services more beneficial. The layoffs are equal to 3.60% of the global staff in Disney. They halted new hiring in November.

Under their plans, the entity will restructure into three parts. This includes an entertainment unit surrounding film and streaming, sports-focused segments, products, experiences, and parks.

According to Iger, the reorganization can lead to a more cost-effective and coordinated approach to their operations. Also, he mentioned that streaming is the corporation’s top priority.

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