Disney Stock Dips, Unveils Cruise Expansion in Tokyo

On Monday, Walt Disney Company’s stock price tumbled but is set for an increase in the pre-market, as it reported plans for a new cruise ship’s launch.

It fell by -0.17% to $97.37 per share on July 08. However, it is expected to rise by 0.13% to $97.50 apiece in the pre-market session.

Based on the announcement, the company aims to launch a new cruise ship that will set sail from Tokyo in FY2028. This will add a ninth vessel to Disney’s growing fleet.

The new ship will be modeled after Disney’s largest vessel in the group, Wish. This cruise expansion is a partnership between Disney and Oriental Land Company (OLC), its Tokyo Disneyland operator.

Also, the collaboration is part of a 10-year $60.00-billion expansion of its theme parks and cruise industry.

Currently, Disney owns five operating ships and plans another three, including one that will set sail from Singapore in 2025.

OLC mentioned that the new ship will have a 4,000-passenger capacity. After several years of launch, the company anticipates earning $621.77 million in annual sales.

According to Thomas Mazloum, President of Disney Signature Experiences, the sail from Japan will make their vacations at sea more accessible.

The firm’s experiences sector, including domestic and international parks and cruise lines, accounts for over one-third of its revenue in the March quarter.

RPG Game from Disney Drives Share Price Increase

On Tuesday, the announcement of Disney Pixel RPG pulled up Gungho Online Entertainment’s share price on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The new free-to-play mobile game is planned to roll out on September 09. This RPG with pixel-art graphics will feature several Disney worlds and characters besides Mickey Mouse.

Based on investors, Gungho will have another hit with the Disney theme. Since April 2024, its share price has shown a gradual upward trend but suddenly rose after the announcement of the new game.

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