Diversifying your Portfolio

Diversifying your Portfolio

However careful you are with your investments, they can always go awry for reasons out of your control. This is why it is important to diversify your portfolio, keeping your investments across many platforms. Here are the main types of investment to look into:


This is possibly the most popular form of investment. They allow you to have part ownership of the company, and profit from dividends. You can easily invest in multiple stocks, so diversifying is easily done here.


These are loans, with interest to be paid by the indentured party. They are generally more risk-averse than bonds, so you should be consider them to ensure solvency.

Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

These funds ensure diversification for their clients themselves, as they tend to invest in many assets. These include real estate, forex markets, bonds, and stocks. They need to minimise risk as they are dealing with the funds of many clients, and so are especially keen to avoid losses.


These are a sort of derivative contract, in which you will set a future date at which an asset is bought or sold. These contracts are evidently quite inflexible, but they are simple. So, we recommend them if you are certain of the decision you are making.


These are also derivative contracts, and they differ from futures in that an investor can choose if they do want to commit to a deal at the end of a contract. The investor does not own any underlying assets, and the contract can be based on one of many different varieties (stocks, currency etc.). If you do not decide to go through with a deal however, you will be required to pay a small fine. These are quite complicated deals, so we do not recommended them to first time traders without some background reading.


The forex market is another incredibly important market for investors, a fact that is unlikely to change. It is a market that is highly accessible and easy to understand, and therefore an obvious option for diversifying your portfolio. You can start off with your own money and exchange it at the opportune moments to ensure profits.



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