Understand the basics and common terminology necessary to be a trader. Subsequently, discover various methods and strategies to take on the markets.
Free access provides information on how the investment world works. Furthermore, it helps develop expertise with a trading course specifically designed for beginners. The material here builds on foundational concepts and terminology before participants move on to the next course.
This course is available online and covers many lessons. Each lesson focuses on a key topic carefully created and delivered by’s professionals.
Market movements are not random

Market Movements are Not Random

Financial markets are controlled by organized, professional groups that own large amounts of money. These groups act in a coordinated manner, handle a lot of information, and

How to invest in commodities?

How to invest in commodities?

Investing in commodities is an easy business and within reach of all savers. Some of them allow investing in physical assets. However, it is not convenient to

Why are commodities so essential?

Why are commodities so essential?

Some raw materials are especially relevant in economic activity. Oil, sugar, gold, coffee, copper, coal, rubber, or wood are examples of core elements linked to commercial uses.

Forex or crypto investment?

Forex or crypto investment?

Currently, cryptocurrencies keep rising up and up in importance. People are creating all sorts of different currencies, with novel applications. The crypto market then, overall, is still


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