In the final stage of TradeMarketNews.com, our experts will show participants how to navigate the path towards becoming a competent trader.
The design of this course is suited for investors who are interested in stepping up performance further and establish a solid understanding of efficiently planning and executing their trades.
The program will tackle practical approaches to analyze market data, vital indicators, and will cover comprehensive strategies from the ground up. Each lesson aims to explore advanced concepts that would help investors gain in-depth knowledge of the financial markets.
Ebitda ratio

What is a good EV to EBITDA ratio?

It is not a secret that enterprise value (EV) to the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) ratio varies by industry. However, it is essential to

Experienced, Experienced

Company’s market cap and its stock price

What is market capitalization? A company’s worth or its total market value is market capitalization or market cap. We can calculate it by multiplying the company’s stock

How Much Leverage Should You Use?

Leverage Ratios to Evaluate businesses

Investors in the oil and gas industry should observe the balance sheet’s debt levels. In such a capital-intensive industry, high debt levels can strain a company’s credit

TMN - Asia-Pacific

Nikkei 225: how to invest

What is Nikkei 225 Stock Average? Nikkei 225 is Japan’s primary stock index and a gauge of the Japanese economy. It is a price-weighted index, operating in

stock price

How to calculate stock price volatility?

While selecting security for investment, traders always look at its historical volatility in order to calculate the relative risk of a potential trade. Various metrics measure volatility

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