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Office 1, 2nd Floor, KPMG Center, 1 Agias Fylaxeos Street, Limassol, Cyprus, 3025

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ETFinance is an experienced broker that started operating nearly five years ago, in 2016. It provides a multi-asset trading experience that’s simple to get into because of how the broker is set up. The broker operates from Cyprus, which is a favorite location for online brokerages. Since it’s there, it works under CySEC’s watch. The exact address of its offices is Office 1, 2nd Floor, KPMG Center, 1 Agias Fylaxeos Street, Limassol, Cyprus, 3025.

The first impression you get about a broker is often from how well its website handles. Sites don’t make or break an experience, as once you switch to a trading terminal, they’re inconsequential. However, a clunky website demonstrates that the broker is sloppy in their work and makes getting info on them more challenging. Luckily, ETFinance left a fantastic initial impression as far as its website is concerned.

It handles well, and there’s no lag when changing webpages. That makes it vastly less frustrating than some other brokers’ sites, allowing you to get informed quickly. And on that end, it also does well in presenting the information in a comprehensive, transparent way. The broker doesn’t hide anything or divide details into small parts so you have to switch pages a ton. As such, the usually tedious research process ends up not consuming a ton of time or mental energy.

The website’s pretty easy on the eyes, creating a professional atmosphere. Admittedly, visual design is way down on the list of essential qualities for a broker, but we give credit where credit is due. So with that brief overview, it’s time to move forward and inspect the broker in more detail. For starters, here are some of ETFinance’s best qualities:

• Real Madrid Basketball Club Sponsorship

You might wonder why we place so much importance on a broker’s sponsorship deal with another institution. Well, as broker – sports club agreements become more common, they also become an excellent way to tell a brokerage’s intentions. World-renowned clubs wouldn’t risk pairing with faulty firms without a detailed inspection of their background and future plans. Doing such a thing would harm its reputation and bring more harm than good in the end. That’s why the sponsorship speaks both about ETFinance’s trustworthiness and its quality.

• Thorough Education

Educational features have become commonplace in the brokerage world, simplifying the trading process for beginners. However, most brokers only have educational features because they feel like they need to, without investing particular effort in them. In ETFinance’s case, the teaching experience is quite expansive and of a higher quality than most competitors. On top of that, there are multiple mediums you can use to learn, including text, video, and audio materials.

• No Fees

Many brokers use fees to fund the service they provide to traders. Some less customer-oriented firms go a step beyond that and use commissions as an earning-booster. The most malicious companies even try and obscure these charges, hoping the customer won’t notice for some time. While the first situation is the only one that’s somewhat excusable, it still acts negatively towards trading. That’s why traders often go with firms such as ETFinance that provide a fully transparent and fair funding structure.

Funds Trading and Security

Security and trading conditions must always come together for brokers that wish to push into the top market spots. Earning money, just for all of it to be stolen, feels horrid and is, of course, unadvisable. Likewise, being entirely sure all your money is safe in your account is useless if you can’t earn a dime. At that point, you’re better off using a bank account for storage. Luckily, ETFinance does well in both areas, but let’s look at its security first.

As we stated earlier in our ETFinance review, the broker works under the Cypriot watchdog, CySEC. The regulator is undoubtedly one of the most stringent ones out there, ensuring the broker’s proper functioning. Even in the case of a misstep, CySEC has a reimbursement program, promising customers their money back. Naturally, that would come with fines for the broker.

So on a technical level, it’s apparent that ETFinance is in the clear, but when examining security, that’s not enough. You need to look at some slightly more subjective factors, such as user impressions. However, that doesn’t change the broker’s image one bit, except perhaps improving it even further. Users seem quite content with the service the broker provides, bar a few spam reviews.

There’s also the additional factor of the Real Madrid sponsorship we went over earlier in our ETFinance review. Everything we’ve seen lines up perfectly and creates the image of ETFinance being one of the few truly secure brokers. At the very least, it earned our stamp of approval, as it vastly surpasses most competitors.

The Trading Accounts

ETFinance’s account setup makes it so each trader can decide what’s best for their needs. Additionally, it also creates room for the broker to follow the MiFID II regulation meant to protect customers. As such, it empowers the already strong security rating we gave it. We should also note that there’s a demo account option that allows users to access ETFinance’s service without paying. Novices can also use the feature to practice and sharpen their trading skills without losing money.

Moving on to the live accounts, the broker takes a tiered approach, with Silver, Gold, and Platinum variations. The accounts improve via higher investment and volumes, meaning they don’t actually cost anything. As you don’t pay for the accounts themselves, you get the full value of each penny you invest. However, to get started with the Silver version, you need to deposit at least $250.

The broker also creates a split between retail investors and professionals in adherence with MiFID II. Retail accounts are the default, and they come with limited leverage, as well as other risk-reducing qualities. If you wish to obtain a professional account, you’ll need to submit additional documentation. If the documents prove that you’re a financially stable, capable trader, the pro account takes off the training wheels. It allows for a riskier but potentially more lucrative trading experience.

Choosing an account with ETFinance is a matter of personal preference. To aid you in that choice, we’d like to present some of its account qualities:


• 750 Assets
• 0.07 Minimum Spreads
• 1:30 Maximum Leverage
• Full 10-hour support from 10am – 8pm GMT
• Islamic account


• 0.05 Minimum Spreads
• 1:30 maximum leverage (Retail)
• 1:400/1:500 maximum leverage (Pro)
• Dedicated account manager
• Webinars & videos
• Hedging
• Swap discount 25%
• Islamic account


• 0.03 minimum spreads
• 1:30 maximum leverage (Retail)
• 1:400 / 1:500 maximum leverage (Pro)
• Dedicated account manager
• Webinars & videos
• Swap discount 50%
• News alerts
• Free VPS
• Islamic account

Trading Conditions

ETFinance’s trading conditions pair with its security in making it a top-tier broker. You may have picked up on some from the previous section of our ETFinance review, but here we’ll go over them together. Starting off, the spreads are quite tight, minimizing any sort of trading cost beyond the trade itself. The leverage is high, ensuring the tactics that employ it remain viable. The platform, asset variety, and account structure are all excellent as well.

The secondary factors that back up trading also perform well. The funding, for example, is top-notch. There aren’t any fees on trades, meaning everyone gets the full worth of their money. Security is also excellent, ensuring customers won’t lose their funds to foul play from the broker or the outside.

Trading Platform


In the previous section of our ETFinance review, we mentioned its excellent platform. You probably already assumed we were talking about MetaTrader4, and you’d be correct. The software has been the top dog in the trading terminal business for quite a while now and is the favorite tool of many traders. It provides unrivaled analytical features while remaining simple in its UI, serving both veterans and novices simultaneously. It also has web and mobile forms, increasing the ease of access and convenience of trading.

ETFinance's Trading Products

Another fantastic part of ETFinance’s service is the volume and quality of its trading instruments. As an all-around broker, it needed to cover all the major trading categories asset-wise. It achieved that and then some, with 750 assets logically placed across a multitude of classes. Naturally, some trading product types have more individual assets than others, but there’s a respectable selection of each kind. Here are the categories you can see at ETFinance:

• Assets
• Forex
• Metals
• Indices
• Stocks
• Commodities
• CFDs
• Cryptocurrencies
• ETFs

Customer Service

You can use three methods to reach ETFinance’s support: the phone line, live chat, and email. If you wish to call, you’ll need to be slightly careful about the time, as the phone operates Monday – Friday: 04:00 – 17:00 GMT. On the other hand, the live chat and email are functional 24/5, allowing for quick and efficient responses.

Phone: +8006 003 7004
Email: [email protected]


ETFinance is what most modern brokers should strive to become. It’s apparent that, in its five years of operating, it’s continuously improved and updated. The result of its efforts is a world-class brokerage that does excellent on both vital fronts, trading and security. The account typing and asset count allow for a truly personalized and skill-expressive experience. Meanwhile, the airtight trading conditions ensure that no matter how you choose to trade, you get the best possible odds. The security seals the deal, guaranteeing that your experience doesn’t get ruined by shady occurrences.

The brokerage is a good gateway into trading for beginners. It provides a comprehensive trading course and a simple-to-grasp platform, allowing novices to ease themselves into the process. On the other hand, it’s also a good fit for veterans, with powerful trading conditions and massive asset variety. Concluding our ETFinance review, we’d say the broker is a great fit for anyone looking for a new trading hub.



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