eToro Integrates TradingView for Investment Charts

On Wednesday, eToro announced that they had partnered with TradingView to provide investment charting tools on their social trading platform. The US-based charting and social network will dramatically improve members’ experience. eToro added that the new update would bring more convenient access to creating successful investments.

The upgrade offers sophisticated technical analysis tools for investors, along with mobile-optimized charts designed specifically for touchscreen devices. With such precise data and information, traders can make more informed decisions to maximize their investments. As eToro stated in the update: By honing in on an asset’s price movements, traders will have the power to make more informed decisions.

eToro readies for the second upgrade phase

To further enhance its platform, eToro announced its upgrade’s second phase, including features for directly trading from charts. It’ll also supply users with more analysis tools, giving them access to stored charts and introducing dark mode for those who prefer lower lighting when trading.

Over the past few months, eToro has launched an array of incredible new features, including stocks and shares ISA, InvestorAI-US portfolios, and social sentiment analysis.eToro also introduced Options trading in America in November 2022, further strengthening the platform’s range of products and options.

TradingView welcomes many industry partners.

TradingView announced a new collaboration with eToro – the latest in their line of strategic partnerships. In January, they partnered with zero to allow users to trade directly from its charting and social networking platform without commissions. This signifies another step towards creating an even more interactive trading experience for everyone who uses the app.

By 2022, the platform had successfully integrated its charting tools into various platforms like SpreadEX, Tradesmarter, EXOpen, and BullBlack Markets. Additionally, in the last year alone, they extended their services with OKX, Eightcap, and Pepperstone, all receiving access to these powerful charts.

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