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European Stocks Rebounded as MSCI World Index Climbed

On Tuesday, August 3, European stocks rebounded from yesterday’s losses as the MSCI World Index climbed 0.26%.

In the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the DAX gained 0.16% with a net increase of $24.34. This sent the stocks higher at $15,569 per share.

The benchmark’s top performers include Infineon Technologies AG which ameliorated 3.97% or 1.28 points to $39.67 per share.

It was followed by Adidas AG which progressed 3.79% or 11.60 points to $377.26 per share.

Additionally, Siemens AG also advanced 2.68% or 3.52 points to $160.40 per share.

Moreover, the MDAX Performance Index spiked 0.68% with a net gain of $237.33. This sent the stocks to $35,384 per share.

Its best performers were led by Aixtron SE which climbed 4.28% or 0.89 points to $25.73 per share. Varta AG followed by rising 3.39% or 4.95 points to $179.31 per share.

Fuchs Petrolub SE Pfd also added to the benchmark’s gain by 2.81% or 1.18 points to $51.30 per share.

In the London Stock Exchange, the FTSE 100 Index and the FTSE All-Share Index both soared 0.70% or 49.42 points to $7,082. And 0.77% or 30.88 points to $4,061, respectively.

The former’s gainers include Melrose Industries PLC which spiked 5.18% or 8.30 points to $234.03 per share.

It was followed by Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC which jumped 3.78% or 3.77 points to $143.81 per share.

Also, Anglo American PLC contributed to its rise by 3.43% or 109.50 points to $4,586.01 per share.

MSCI World Index 

Furthermore, the MSCI World Index climbed 0.26% with a net addition of $7.86. This sent the stocks above at $3,077.11 per share.

In Wall Street, the NASDAQ Composite hopped 0.06% or 8.39 points to $14,681 per share.

Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index both crashed 0.28% or 97.31 points to $34,838 and 0.18% or 8.10 points to $4,387, respectively.

Likewise, Asia Pacific stocks mostly fluctuated. Japan’s Nikkei 225 tumbled 0.82% with a net loss of $228.60 at $27,552 per share.

Consequently, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng, South Korea’s KOSPI, and Australia’s ASX 200 all dropped 0.95% to $25,987, 0.07% to $3,220.90, and 0.44% to $7,458.60, respectively.

On the other hand, China’s SSE Composite and SZSE Component Index both rallied 0.001% or 0.02 points to $3,464.31 and 0.41% or 6.12 points to $14,804.27, respectively.

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