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European Stocks Retreated on Economic Growth Worries

On Wednesday, European stocks slipped as worries hiked on the surge of coronavirus infections which could cause a slowdown in economic growth.

Moreover, investors look forward to the European Central Bank meeting on Thursday.

Experts expect that the ECB will possibly discuss the reduction in its asset purchasing program.

Consequently, the pan-European STOXX 600 declined 1.26% or 5.97 points to $466.90 per share.

Moreover, wind engineering firm Gamesa sharply fell 7.01% or 1.78 points to $23.63 per share.

Accordingly, SoftwareONE Holding lowered 6.20% or 1.60 points to $24.20 per share. 

The tech company is known to provide software and cloud technology solutions worldwide.

Likewise, Inchcape PLC dropped 4.23% or 39.50 points to $893.50 per share.

Moreover, European STOXX 50 plunged 1.33% or 56.29 points to $4,168.72 per share.

Then, French drugmaker Sanofi tumbled 1.78% or 1.56 points to $85.41 per share. 

In the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the MDAX Performance index fell 0.81% or 292.59 points to $35,963.28 per share.

Siemens Healthineers AG, one of the bottom performers, fell 3.03% or 1.80 points to $67.98 per share.

Similarly, Kion Group AG plummeted 2.55% or 2.32 points to $104.97 per share.

Furthermore, DAX index edged down 1.44% or 228.63 points to $15,614.46 per share.

In the London Stock Exchange, the FTSE All-Share index dropped 1.04% or 43.02 points to $4,079.41 per share. 

Consequently, the FTSE 100 index inched down 1.08% or 77.46 points to $7,071.91 per share.

In the Paris Stock Exchange, the CAC 40 index declined 1.18% or 79.23 points to $6,646.84 per share.


Global Stocks Mixed as Euro Stocks Drop


Meanwhile, global stocks mixed amid the drop in the European stock market.

The MSCI world equity index soared 0.78% or 5.07 points to $655.82 per share.

Moreover, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index edged down 0.76% or 269.09 points to $35,100.00 per share. 

Likewise, the S&P 500 tumbled 0.34% or 15.40 points to $4,520.03 per share. 

Then, the Nasdaq Composite Index increased 0.07% or 10.81 points to $15,374.33 per share. 

Accordingly, Japanese stocks extended their gains as the country’s GDP increased 0.50% from its previous data of 0.30%.

On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Nikkei 225 index rose 0.89% or 265.07 points to $30,181.21 per share.

Also, TOPIX index climbed 0.79% or 16.23 points to $2,079.61 per share.

In China, the Shenzhen Component index declined 0.10% or 14.82 points to $14,688.08 per share.

Similarly, the Shanghai Composite index plummeted 0.03% or 1.40 points to $3,675.19 per share. 

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