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European Stocks Rise as Evergrande Woes Ease

On Friday, European stocks traded higher as concerns about the possible default of embattled China Evergrande eased. 

On Thursday, reports revealed that the highly indebted property giant already had settled an interest on a US dollar bond a day before its deadline. 

Consequently, the benchmark pan-European STOXX 600 climbed 0.57% or 2.67 points to $472.38 per share. 

Accordingly, the French cosmetic giant L’Oreal SA rocketed 6.26% or 26.89 points to $456.78 per share. Its significant gain came after it announced better-than-expected third-quarter growth.

Similarly, real estate firm Klepierre SA boosted 5.52% or 1.22 points to $23.47 per share. 

At the same time, the EURO STOXX 50 index elevated 0.84% or 34.74 points to $4,190.47 per share. 

In addition, the semiconductor company ASML Holding jumped 2.60% or 19.91 points to $795.52 per share. 

Likewise, automobile manufacturer Volkswagen AG amplified 2.34% or 5.27 points to $228.61 per share. 

Moreover, German shares modestly posted gains over European stocks. 

The MDAX performance index widened 0.21% or 72.61 points to $34,789.97 per share. 

Correspondingly, minerals company K&S AG rose 2.52% or 0.39 points to $16.03 per share. 

Similarly, the DAX 40 index soared 0.58% or 89.26 points to $15,561.82 per share. 

One of its best performers, software enterprise SAP SE, advanced 2.10% or 2.92 points to $142.31 per share. 

In Paris, the CAC 40 index increased 1.02% or 68.39 points to $6,754.56 per share. 

Furthermore, London’s FTSE All-Share index extended 0.43% or 17.83 points to $4,120.16 per share.

World Market Mixed as European Stocks Rise

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index fell 0.01% to 6.26 points to $35,603.08 per share. 

Conversely, the Nasdaq Composite index enriched 0.62% or 94.02 points to $15,215.70 per share. 

Similarly, the benchmark S&P 500 enhanced 0.30% or 13.59 points to $4,549.78 per share. 

Meanwhile, most of the shares in the Asia-Pacific region posted gains as European stocks hiked. 

In China, the Shanghai Composite index plummeted 0.34% or 12.18 points to $3,582.60 per share. 

Inversely, the Shenzhen Component index rose 0.33% or 47.96 points to $14,492.82 per share. 

Then, Hong Kong’s benchmark Hang Seng soared 0.42% or 109.40 points to $26,126.93 per share. 

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 index strengthened 0.34% or 96.27 points to $28,804.85 per share. 

Subsequently, the TOPIX index escalated 0.07% or 1.42 points to $2,002.23 per share. 

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