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European Stocks Rise; Russia-Ukraine Conflict in Focus

European stocks edged higher on Monday, ending a problematic month positively as investors focused on political developments between Russia and Ukraine.

The United Nations Security Council will meet later to discuss ongoing tensions between the neighbors.

The session will address Moscow’s massing of troops near Ukraine, fuelling fears of an invasion.

In line with this, the Pan-European STOXX 600 index climbed 0.88% or 4.69 points to $470.24 per share.

Accordingly, Swedish healthcare company Getinge boosted 10.07% or 3.60 points to $369.40 per share.

Then, benchmark EURO STOXX 50 elevated 1.29% or 59.37 points to $4,672.90 per share.

At the top of the index, ASML Holding, a Dutch semiconductor business, gained 4.31% or 24.70 points to $660.75 per share.

At the same time, German shares posted gains in the European stocks.

Correspondingly, the MDAX performance index gained 0.87% or 321.93 points to $37,275.09 per share.

The software company Nemetschek increased 2.75% or 2.44 points to $91.06 per share.

Similarly, the DAX 40 index added 1.19% or 204.39 points to $17,319.64 per share.

Then, online food-delivery service Delivery Hero improved 4.63% or 3.31 points to $74.20 per share.

In the United Kingdom, the FTSE All-Share index widened 0.42% or 23.61 points to $5,643.10 per share.

Consequently, the benchmark FTSE 100 rose 0.35% or 34.57 points to $10,055.02 per share.

The CAC 40 index enhanced 0.87% or 68.91 points to $7,852.10 per share in Paris.

Asia Indexes Up as European Stocks Rose

The higher trading of European stocks came after the upturn of major Asian indexes.

In Japan, the benchmark Nikkei 225 escalated 1.07% or 2.47 points to $233.90 per share. Despite its Monday gains, the index dropped about 6.00% for January.

Likewise, the broader TOPIX index grew 1.01% or 0.16 points to $16.42 per share.

In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng index closed 1.07% or 32.34 points to $3,051.98 per share.

Meanwhile, mainland China and South Korea’s markets closed ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays.

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