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European Stocks Subdued as Inflation Jitters Persisted

On Wednesday, most European stocks extended their plunge as concerns about inflation climbed amid the soaring energy prices. 

Subsequently, the benchmark pan-European STOXX 600 lost 0.02% or 0.09 points to $457.12 per share. The index is trailing to a 4.00% drop from its August peak. 

Its worst performer, the online food delivery service firm Just Eat Takeaway sharply dropped 4.32% or 3.25 points to $71.84 per share. 

Consequently, publishing company Informa PLC curtailed 3.70% or 28.08 to $751.11 per share.

Conversely, the EURO STOXX 50 index slightly improved 0.13% or 5.37 points to $4,060.46 per share. 

Remarkably, German business software group SAP SE jumped 4.62% or 6.24 points to $141.28 per share. 

The upward move came after the business elevated its full-year outlook, reflecting a sturdy quarter as more customers shifted their IT operations to the cloud.

Moreover, German shares modestly posted gains on European stocks. 

The DAX 40 index rose 0.32% or 48.11 points to $15,194.98 per share. 

It is the same with the MDAX Performance index as it soared 0.34% or 114.44 points to $33,739.11 per share. 

On the London Stock Exchange, the FTSE All-Share index tumbled 0.12% or 4.81 points to $4,054.73 per share. 

Accordingly, RHI Magnesita NV, a supplier of refractory products, reduced 7.24% or 3.01 points to $38.62 per share. 

Likewise, the British-Swedish pharmaceutical firm sank 1.73% or 2.02 points to $114.52 per share. 

Additionally, the FTSE 100 index dwindled by 0.21% or 14.88 points to $7,115.35 per share. 

World Market Fell as European Stocks Subdued 

On Wall Street, the Nasdaq Composite index dropped 0.14% or 20.28 points to $14,465.93 per share. 

Correspondingly, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index sank 0.34% or 117.72 points to $34,378.34 per share. 

Then, the benchmark S&P 500 minimized 0.24% or 10.54 points to $4,350.65 per share. 

Moreover, shares in the Asia-Pacific region dipped as European stocks mostly fell. 

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 index narrowed by 0.32% or 90.33 points to $28,140.28 per share. 

Consequently, the TOPIX index slashed 0.45% or 8.85 points to $1,973.83 per share. 

Inversely, China’s Shanghai Composite index widened by 0.42% or 14.83 points to $3,561.76 per share. 

Also, the benchmark Shenzhen edged up 1.54% or 217.70 points to $14,353.08 per share. 

Elsewhere, Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 index pared 0.11% or 8.20 points to $7,272.50 per share.

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