EuropeFX Stays Ahead of Competition with RoboX

Advanced technological solutions continue to push for what is possible with traders. EuropeFX has stayed ahead of the increasingly competitive industry.

Currently, the brokerage is supporting RoboX, a smart trading machine for the next generation.

Furthermore, RoboX is the brainchild of Fintech Tendency. Tailored packages of smart trading strategies form the basis of the RoboX algorithm. The company designed the machine to combine the preferred assets and individual trading styles against the personal risk management profile.

Hence, RoboX’s availability came amid popular demand at EuropeFX. The company wanted to offer the market’s best trading experience.

Most advanced trading experience to data

Currently, Traders at EuropeFX can now take advantage of RoboX and capabilities, which all trading accounts support. Accordingly, users will be able to drop traditional pain points in automating their trading software.

Significantly, RoboX relies on complex data bundles that upload automatically in real-time as the RoboX algorithm scans more than 1 million different trading strategies available.

Moreover, the information enables the algorithm to match the user’s account with strategies suited for their trading profile. It differs from other retail social trading capabilities, limited in assessed trading strategies.

In conclusion, RoboX is primarily for traders looking to diversify their trading portfolios. Diversification is more critical in 2020, given the high volatility we see in the markets currently – compounded by increased uncertainty and risk factors.

About EuropeFX

EuropeFX is a market leader in CFDs on Stocks, FX, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and more. The broker utilizes STP trade execution, offering education sessions and live webinars, including an extensive lineup of tradable assets, platforms, markets, and trading options.

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