FAA is giving 1 billion dollars to US airports

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced the allocation of $1 billion to 99 US airport terminal projects in accordance with the 2021 Infrastructure Act. This sizable investment reaches a total value of one billion dollars.

Iowa‘s Des Moines International Airport will receive $10.8 million in state funding in order to replace its outdated 1948 terminal, which is operating far past its capacity. Additionally, $29 million is allocated to Utah International Airport, to be used towards a terminal and concourse reconstruction program.

The FAA awarded around $1B for terminal projects (~85 airports) last year.

The FAA said grants would help meet demand for air travel & invest in key areas to help passengers get in & out of airports faster & enhance the passenger experience, such as new baggage systems, security checkpoints, & ground transportation.

The United States is spending tens of billions to renovate and expand aging airports. In 2014, Joe Biden compared New York’s LaGuardia Airport to “some third world country.”

New York commemorated the sixyear, eightbilliondollar redevelopment of LaGuardia Airport last year.

In November, the Federal Aviation Administration gave their last environmental goahead for a $4.2 billion new terminal to be built at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, alongside the $8.5 billion project, which comprises a new Terminal 2 in Chicago‘s OHare International Airport.

Distribution of money to airports

The FAA awarded OHare $50 million on Monday to help expand passenger access to the 60yearold Terminal 3.

The Department of Transportation also announced that Sarasota Bradenton, Florida, will receive $10 million in funding for new lanes and gates for passenger security. The FAA awarded Savannah/Hilton Head, Georgia, $6.5 million to expand checkpoints to 23,000 square feet, reducing waiting times.

The Infrastructure Act of 2021 committed $25 billion to airport renewal projects over five years.

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