Facebook will show U.S. users information about vaccine

According to the news, this week, an American online social media and social networking service, Facebook, will show U.S. users information about where and when they can get the coronavirus vaccine.

Significantly, as part of its coronavirus information Center, the giant company will direct users to local health agency websites. On Websites, Facebook users can get information about their eligibility to get vaccinated. According to Facebook, the feature will expand globally in the following week.

Moreover, the company will also provide $120 million in ad credits to health agencies worldwide. Therefore, they can run campaigns about coronavirus vaccines.

Facebook also announced that it worked with the World Health Organization to develop its list of false claims related to coronavirus. Facebook will remove it from its services. The company announced that it would forbid ads that discourage people from getting a shot.

People for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 will be banned

Moreover, groups, users, and pages that spread misinformation about the disease will receive a platform ban. Facebook added four new categories to the forbidden information list that include claims that coronavirus is manufactured or human-made; claims that vaccines are not effective. Furthermore, Facebook will remove claims that getting the virus is safer than getting a vaccine against it; and claims that vaccines are dangerous or cause autism.

For groups that have previously violated Facebook’s coronavirus policies, the company will temporarily ask admins to approve all posts within their groups before they publish them. Meanwhile, on Instagram, the company will make it more difficult for people to find accounts that discourage people from getting vaccinated.

Facebook announced that it is partnering with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to ensure information about the coronavirus vaccines reach communities where vaccine access may be lower. Significantly, this includes Native American, Black, and Latinx communities.

Facebook reported in November its plans to provide users with reliable information about the virus vaccines.

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