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Introduction: FinancialCentre

FinancialCentre is a new broker that emphasizes accessibility and ease of use. The firm mostly deals with CFDs, so its customers will have a broad array of assets at their disposal. FinancialCentre runs from the UK, and its exact address is 6 Bevis Marks Building, Bury Court, London, United Kingdom. Many investors and traders have shown interest in the online broker, due to its powerful trading capabilities and accessibility. Our FinancialCentre review will help potential users determine whether the broker is the right fit for them specifically.

As we said, FinancialCentre focuses on maintaining a straightforward, accessible model of business. That starts with its low entry cost which sits at $250, significantly under most of the broker’s competitors. That allows traders that are yet unsure about the quality and potential enjoyment to get in without much of a cost. Furthermore, it makes the broker much more welcoming towards those that haven’t yet tried trading or investing. For first-timers, brokers that require high deposits can be frightening, so FinancialCentre’s low cost is quite handy.

However, the low cost wouldn’t be enough to back up the claim we made earlier in our FinancialCentre review. Its accessibility isn’t limited to its price but rather the way the firm sets up its entire service. The broker’s website is entirely clear, and the trading platform feels intuitive enough that even first-timers easily comprehend it. Because of that, FinancialCentre’s entire structure becomes favourable towards users, as it puts the control in their hands. It’s also quite apparent that the broker worked hard to minimize the sort of fluff you usually see with online brokers.

With that, it’s not difficult to see that our first impression is a favourable one. Let’s look at some of the broker’s interesting qualities before continuing our FinancialCentre review.

Broker Review: FinancialCentre

·        Excellent Customer Support Structure

Customer support is one of the cornerstones of a solid experience with an online brokerage. Due to the nature of online services, resolving issues with customer support is an inevitability most of the time. FinancialCentre put in a significant amount of effort to ensure those resolutions and contacts flow smoothly. It has multiple phones with a multi-lingual support team that ensures you can get your answer quickly. Also, they work an additional day over most brokers, so if your issue or question is minor, you can wait until Saturday.

·        Quick Access

Another component to the accessibility we already talked about in our FinancialCentre review is its speed. Namely, the broker made sure its potential customers don’t need to wait weeks to transfer or start using it. The KYC processes are quick and aren’t invasive, asking for more or less only basic information. Additionally, the deposits process quickly, meaning you can activate your account without delay. Altogether, that minimizes the frustrating wait time most brokers force you to sit through.

Funds Trading and Security

Online safety is a primary concern when selecting an online service, especially a broker. Not only do they handle large amounts of your money, but they also have a lot of your personal info. As such, security breaches can damage you even further beyond simply losing the funds on your account. Unfortunately, scam brokers are going through somewhat of a flourish as their numbers grow by the day. As investing moves towards the mainstream, a lot of inexperienced people come in and are especially susceptible to such tricks.

Funds Trading and Security

However, FinancialCentre has ample evidence that they’re not up to any sort of underhanded tricks. The company displays a solid degree of trustworthiness, starting from the clarity we mentioned in our FinancialCentre review. Most shady brokers like to make their websites as obscure as possible, so FinancialCentre has a definite advantage there. Another solid indicator is that the firm has a good reputation among customers, which is often the best metric to judge by.

On top of that, we should also mention that the firm operates from the UK, which is another factor that increases trust. The fact that it works from there makes it vastly simpler to locate and even potentially prosecute. On top of that, the regulations and laws regarding financial firms in the UK are fairly strict. That minimizes the chance of any shady business going on behind the scenes. The fact that the broker chooses to operate from a relatively tough location also speaks of its integrity and well-intendedness.

Lastly, we should talk about the broker’s hacking protection. Beyond its internal measures, which would be silly to disclose, the broker incorporates verification and encryption. That makes user accounts difficult to steal and information challenging to intercept, drastically reducing hacking chances.

FinancialCentre review, FinancialCentre Review

The Trading Accounts

FinancialCentre’s account structure allows it to be a flexible firm, adhering to the needs of various traders. As we stated earlier in our FinancialCentre review, the initial deposit you need stands at $250. There are multiple types, each suitable to traders with different investment preferences. Since you get to trade with all the money you put in, there’s really no way of going wrong with your choice. Because of that, getting an account is stress-free, and the primary thing to consider is your own comfortability.

Now the broker offers a variety of trading account that will definitely suit traders of all calibres.

  • Self-Managed Account – this account type is a perfect choice if you want to have a general introduction to investing. Here are all the Account Advantages: Books and videos for your education, One-on-one academy, Monthly live trading events, Real-time trading opportunities, and Fast withdrawal processing.

  • Wealth Management – This account type is for more advanced brokers. With this account, you will enjoy: Flexible leverage up to 1:100, Tight spreads from 0.6 pips, and a Dedicated account manager.
  • Retirement Account Type will surprise the traders with: Next-gen trading tools, In-depth market analysis, One-on-one training.
  • All-Star Account Type offers – Exclusive event invitations, Ultra-tight spreads from 0.0 pips, Powerful leverage up to 1:400, Priority withdrawal procedure.
  • Inner Circle – This is a VIP class level account type. For high-net-worth traders and investors only, who prefer  1st Class Service and Premium Conditions.

Trading Conditions

Earlier in our FinancialCentre review, we mentioned that the trading conditions were quite favourable towards users. That’s one of the reasons why the broker took off the way it did and now stands to become a serious competitor. We already mentioned how the accounts at FinancialCentre are quite affordable, starting at $250. Even beyond that, the broker has excellent pricing with a relative absence of fees and tight spreads. Additionally, the broker’s leverage sits at 1:400, which is just the right level for those that enjoy risky trading.

Trading Conditions

The funding quality also plays into the overall quality of the trading conditions. Both deposits and withdrawals process quickly, meaning there’s minimal downtime for your trading. Even the loosely related features, such as the platform and assets are excellent, and allow investors to capitalize on their skills. Overall that establishes FinancialCentre as a brokerage that has quite a competent trading setup.

Trading Platform

We praised the broker’s trading platform multiple times through our FinancialCentre review. The software is intuitive and allows beginners to learn to trade quickly. On the other hand, veterans will get used to it quickly since it’s designed for usability and with user-friendliness in mind. That doesn’t mean the platform is any less powerful than others, as it has a hefty set of analytical capabilities. You can use it via browser and phone as well, increasing the overall convenience.

FinancialCentre’s Trading Products

The trading product selection at FinancialCentre is vast and allows users to capitalize on precise predictions. There’s a solid variety of categories, meaning it’s a good fit for various types of traders. At the same time, the selection inside each is large, meaning you won’t miss out. Both standard and experimental options are present, allowing for some experimentation.

Customer Service

Earlier in our FinancialCentre broker review, we praised the support, so it’s apparent we value it highly. It has multiple phones and the representatives speak multiple languages, creating smooth communication. On top of that, it works 24/6, beating out standard brokers by a day.

Support email
[email protected]
Support operating hours
Sunday 15:30-00:00 GMT

Monday to Thursday 03:00 AM – 00:00 AM GMT
Friday 03:00 AM – 15 GMT

Call them
United Kingdom +442038077811
Australia +61391125949
New Zealand +6498844056
Sweden +46812410204
Canada +14378379668

FinancialCentre Review: Conclusion

Our FinancialCentre review makes it apparent that we enjoy what the broker offers quite a bit. It has strong trading qualities, on top of strict security that minimizes the chances of anything going wrong. It’s welcoming to new traders and investors, meaning you won’t ever feel lost with the broker. To end things, we’d like to recommend you to try FinancialCentre for yourself. The broker is sure to leave few wanting, and is viable as long-term trading and investing hub.



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