Flipboard and Ad-Free Curated Video Service

Flipboard and Ad-Free Curated Video Service

Flipboard is a news aggregator from the U.S. State of California. Recently, it launched a new ad-free curated video service on its app. The new service is available for the Samsung S20 owner. They can use this service for $3 a month. Moreover, they can exclusively watch short-form videos in a personalized, algorithmically suggested feed.

The owners of other smartphones do not have to worry about this fact. In three months, this service will become available to every person who would like to sue ad-free curated video service.

As a reminder, the app is free, but Flipboard also offers the ad-free option for the premium users. They have the opportunity to use this service for $2.99 a month. However, Samsung S20 users have free three-month trials.

Interestingly, video is not new on the platform, like embedded YouTube. However, Flipboard TV allows the users to focus on all curated videos in one place.

Flipboard’s CEO and co-founder Mike McCue explained how this new service will make life easier for the customers. According to McCue, the feature shows anything from harad news to entertainment etc. People can enjoy watching various interesting videos,

It is worth mentioning that, more than a hundred media organizations including many famous outlets such Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and others will produce the videos.

However, this service is not only about the media conglomerates. For example, local media outlets from Sacramento, Des moines etc. also partnered with the app.

Flipboard and local media organizations

Samsung’s new flagships are due to arrive in several weeks on March 6. It means that starting from March, S20 owners will have the opportunity to test the ad-free option.


In January, Flipboard expanded its local news options. As a result, its application now covers 23 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, the app offers users better access to local news, sports, transportations etc.


Flipboard added news sources such as local newspapers, TV and radio stations, college news sites, as well as blogs.


By adding more local media outlets, Flipboard made a correct decision. Recent study from a Knight Foundation supports this opinion. This study found that the involved states trust local news as opposed to the national news.


For example, Flipboard first tested the local news option in Toronto, Canada. The results showed that it was the right move. The local news option added 10% in engagement from the customers who used this option. Moreover, users have the opportunity to find the local stations in the Explore tab despite their location.


Such partnerships are important for Flipboard. Furthermore, thanks to such partnerships, the company could partner with ticket sellers and event platforms. As a result, customers can get tickets for local events.

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