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Ford Beats Tesla on Consumer Reports’ EV Top Picks

Consumer Reports ranked Ford’s Mustang Mach-E as a “Top Pick” for electric vehicles for 2022, replacing the Tesla Model 3.

The non-profit organization rated each car using a group of assessments. The overall score factors road-test evaluation, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety.

In their rating, Mach-E posed an edge in the reliability based on the first-year results in its Annual Auto Surveys.

Remarkably, this point reflected an essential upper hand from the Tesla Model Y and 3. 

In addition, Ford’s advanced driver monitoring system is another notable edge.

Remarkably, the BlueCruise system uses a camera to monitor and give appropriate warnings to drivers who wander while driving.

On the other hand, Model 3 also includes a camera intended to watch the driver. However, Consumer Reports noted that the feature is docked for functioning while drivers look away.

Moreover, the publisher also noted that the Ford is quieter and rides better. 

Additionally, the Mach-E large infotainment center screen is far easier to operate. The component does not require multiple steps to activate routine features.

This designation further validates Ford CEO Jim Farley’s belief that the company can beat the leading EV manufacturer.

Mustang Mach-E was the firm’s bold bet to lead its transformation towards the growing EV market. It stands with a price range of $43,895.00 to $61,995.00.

Eventually, Tesla fell seven spots to 23rd place out of the 32 major auto brands. This listing showed its poorest rank over seven years.

In recent months, the EV giant has faced a string of reports of build quality issues, fueling concerns on reliability.

Specifically, owners outlined problems with Tesla’s concerning paint, body hardware, power equipment, and the climate control system. 

Still, Consumer Reports recommended the Model 3 due to its sports car-like performance, long-range, charging network, and technology.

Ford’s Electric Vehicle Strategy

In December, Ford stated its plans to ramp up production and sales of battery-powered crossovers and pickups.

It boosted its annual production target for the F-150 Lightning pickup to 150,000 units from a previous 80,000.

This strategy pushed its market capitalization, beating its larger competitor General Motors in January.

The firm hit a $100.00 billion valuation, marking it as the second-most-valuable automaker behind Tesla.

Recently, the electric vehicle market has become a hot ticket for automakers. Companies from Ford to GM poured billions into upping their EV venture.

Furthermore, the Biden administration’s announced a charging network plan worth $5.00 billion, triggering more competition in the EV space.

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