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Germany Stocks Crashed, European Stock Market Mixed

On Tuesday, July 27, German stocks crashed as its two major indexes both stumbled while the European stock market was mixed.

The DAX Index declined 0.32% with a net loss of $50.31. This sent the stocks to the bottom at $15,619 per share.

Its worst performers were led by Vonovia SE which plummeted 2.46% or 1.42 points to $66.34 per share.

This was followed by Deutsche Boerse AG which sank 1.90% or 2.80 points to $171.10 per share.

Adidas AG also pulled down the benchmark by 1.83% or 5.80 points to $368.28 per share.

While the index’s best performers include Deutsche Wohnen SE which climbed 1.17% or 0.60 points to $61.05 per share.

It was followed by MTU Aero Engines AG which rose 0.92% or 1.90 points to $247.17 per share.

Also, Deutsche Bank AG progressed 0.89% or 0.09 points to $12.58 per share.

Meanwhile, the MDAX Performance Index crashed 0.21% with a net decline of $74.67. This sent the stocks below at $35,089 per share.

Its bottom performers were led by MorphoSys AG which fell 8.67% or 4.74 points to $58.95 per share.

This was followed by Shop Apotheke Europe NV which dropped 3.94% or 5.50 points to $158.29 per share.

TeamViewer AG also pulled the benchmark down by 2.63% or 0.77 points to $33.62 per share.

Meanwhile, the index’s top performers were led by Thyssenkrupp AG which spiked 3.69% or 0.30 points to $10.03 per share.

It was followed by Aurubis AG and Rational AG which both jumped 3.00% or 2.52 points to $102.15 and 2.67% or 24.00 points to $1,90.45, respectively.

EU Stocks

Furthermore, EU stocks were mixed as Germany’s DAX and MDAX both fluctuated.

On the London Stock Exchange, the FTSE All-Share Index increased 0.02% or 0.87 points to $4,026 per share while the FTSE 100 Index decreased 0.03% or 2.15 points to $7,025 per share.

Moreover, the pan-European STOXX 600 slipped 0.08% or 0.37 points to $461.14 per share.

The same with the STOXX Europe 50 which also collapsed 0.28% or 24.03 points to $8,554.85 per share.

On the Paris Stock Exchange, the CAC 40 Index spiked 0.15% or 9.78 points to $6,579 per share.

Likewise, the Global Dow Realtime EUR also advanced 0.22% or 6.89 points to $3,189.86 per share.

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