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Broker Review: GigaFinancing


General Information & First Impressions

GigaFinancing is a broadly-reaching online brokerage, providing trading on various asset groups globally. It’s a CFDs broker that operates from the US and has gained a ton of attention from investors recently. As such, we set out to figure out whether the company is a good fit for our readers. Our GigaFinancing review will tell you more about the broker’s features and how they compare against other options.

CFDs have recently earned a bad reputation due to a lot of scams posing as them. That has led people to escalate things and spread falsities like “all CFD brokers are scams.” However, if you’re an experienced trader, you’re likely well aware that’s untrue.

CFDs have a series of benefits for traders, including lower costs and higher liquidity. As such, CFD brokers are actually more beneficial to the average trader than standard ones. If you buy into the misinformation that they’re all scams, you’re denying yourself a fantastic subset of online brokers.

And with that removed, we can revert our focus to Namely, we wanted to note that the broker drew us in, even at a quick glance. After that, the website structure and technical qualities guided us through exploring the brokerage comfortably.

We want to emphasize two qualities: fluidity and sectioning. The broker guarantees a smooth experience with how well its site runs and eliminates potential frustration. Meanwhile, the deliberate placing of information makes it easy to ingest without feeling overwhelmed or bored. The two combine to create a fantastic customer experience and a great introduction for our GigaFinancing review.

Fund and Account Security


Security is a baseline quality any broker you choose to trade with should have. Unfortunately, some treat it as a luxury and treat security mishaps as small issues to be forgiven. The same people often fall for scams losing thousands of dollars along with the time they spent to make them.

As a CFDs broker, GigaFinancing has a lot to prove. Scammers in the industry have earned it a negative reputation, so it’s fighting as an underdog. However, there are numerous qualities we can look at that can reassure us of its integrity.

One fact that removes nearly all doubt straight away is that the broker operates from the US. The country is the financial hotspot of the world and as such, has some of the most rigid regulatory bodies. Even if the broker were to intend to scam customers, it wouldn’t get very far before getting shut down.

But there’s no chance the broker intends to harm users in any way, either. If it intended to steal from its customers, it had no real reason to open its offices in one of the world’s most well-regulated places. Some offshore locations will gladly accept brokerages and other financial companies, so scammers often just move there. GigaFinancing’s approach guarantees that it’s honest with its intentions.

And its website and overall approach to informing and treating customers reaffirm that. As we said earlier in our GigaFinancing review, it lays out its information comprehensively and in a manner where it’s easy to find out anything. That’s just not something scam brokers do. GigaFinancing differentiates itself from scams every step of the way. Besides extremely rare occurrences, like sophisticated cyber-attacks, we doubt you’ll have any problems with the broker’s security.

Account Info at

One major hurdle every broker has to surpass is how to appeal to the right people. That’s where most brokers, even good ones, struggle with finding the sweet spot for themselves. Either their accounts are too specific and detract other traders, or they’re too loose and not the best choice for everyone.

Even once their accounts are set up well, there’s the question of budget. If you give everything to everyone, you likely won’t be able to introduce high-end features since the upkeep would be too expensive. However, if you’re too exclusive, you’ll alienate most of your potential users straight away. And since you can’t run with just a few high-end users, that’s a recipe for failure.

However, as we said earlier in our review, the broker manages to appeal to everyone. It does that with a tier-based account structure that has a little bit of something for everyone. That starts with the budget account, which has full core functionalities.

By meeting the $250 deposit minimum, you get full access to the broker’s asset library and platform functionality. That alone is enough to make for a competitive and pleasant trading experience. But then GigaFinancing also throws some luxury features, such as the personal account manager on top of that.

So it’s got the budget accounts more than covered, but what about the more high-end options? After all, traders that commit more also expect more from the brokerage. Well, the great thing is that it also provides its luxury users with numerous assistance and trade improvement features. As such, the broker positions itself to be a great choice, no matter your budget preferences.

Here are some of the account properties:



  • Min. Deposit: $250
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalised Trading Alerts


  • Min. Deposit: $25,000
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalised Trading Alerts
  • Risk Free Trades


  • Min. Deposit: $100,000
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalised Trading Alerts
    Risk Free Trades

GigaFinancing’s Trading Platform


The software that the broker provides for trading is quite a formidable tool and has the advantage of easy access. Unlike most brokers who base their service around a downloadable terminal, GigaInvesting does so for a WebTrader. That allows traders much more mobility and is overall easier and more intuitive.

On top of that, it eliminates any potential security concerns you might have had left. Unlike other brokers, it doesn’t require you to download anything that could potentially harm your device. Just log in and start trading.

The platform itself focuses on usability while remaining powerful and feature-rich. There are numerous visual indicators you can use to help your analysis and improve your predictions. On top of that, there are features that can help the platform automatically react to sudden market shifts.

As we already said earlier in our GigaInvesting review, it’s a well-rounded broker, and its platform definitely aids that.

GigaFinancing Review: Conclusion

GigaFinancing has numerous features and conditions that propel it ahead of competitors. When you look at objective features, it’s simply cheaper. The broker provides features at lower price points than alternatives and has lower service costs.

But even that doesn’t paint the full picture. Namely, the brokerage also focuses a lot on comfort, enabling lengthy and focused trading sessions. Using it is pleasant and doesn’t cause tedium or mental fatigue like other brokers do.

To end our GigaFinancing review, we’d like to conclude by saying it’s a fantastic choice for any trader. If you’re searching for a new online broker to trade with, be sure to keep it in mind.


1. Is GigaFinancing in the USA?

Yes, GigaFinancing is a US-based broker.

2. Is GigaFinancing regulated?

GigaFinancing complies with all local laws and regulations.

3. Can GigaFinancing be trusted?

Yes, you can find more information in the fund and account security section of our GigaFinancing review.

4. What kind of broker is GigaFinancing?

GigaFinancing is a CFD broker.

5. How do I use GigaFinancing’s trading station?

After you sign up and deposit the appropriate amount, you’ll be able to access the trading platform via your browser and start trading.

6. Can I trade crypto on GigaFinancing?

Yes, GigaFinancing has a broad asset library that includes cryptocurrencies.

7. How much do you need to trade on


The minimum deposit amount is $250.

8. How much leverage does GigaFinancing give?

The max leverage is 1:500.

9. How much money can you make on GigaFinancing?

Although technically unlimited, the amount of money you will make depends on your trading skill.

10. For which type of trader is GigaFinancing best suited?

GigaFinancing is an open brokerage fitting for any type of trader.



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