Google Brings Gemini AI to Pixel Devices for June Update

Google’s June update dropped its Pixel device model as it introduced the powerful artificial intelligence (AI) Gemini.

The newest update, set to roll out on Wednesday, is a testament to Google’s commitment to inclusivity. It will democratize the AI-enabled features of the Gemini Nano model, making them available to all Pixel products, not just restricted to Pixel 8 Pro users.

Meanwhile, Apple has revealed many of its latest device AI tools. Like Google’s initial plan, which was eventually retracted, the tech giant has limited its Apple Intelligence to people with iPhone 15 Pro.

However, low-specification devices must go into the developers’ option to activate.

According to reports, Google Device & Services Software Vice President Seang stated the toggle was to limit use to those aware of the effect on user experience. This pertains to running AI models on devices with limited memory for tools like Summarize and Smart Reply.

Furthermore, with the Pixel 8 Pro or other devices with Gemini Nano enabled in developer settings, users can obtain more detailed and downloadable recorded conversation summaries.

Additionally, exclusive to the Pixel 8 series, Find My Device works even if the device is off or low on battery for 23+ hours. Also, USB-C supports a Display Port for screen mirroring.

Gemini Nano Features on Google’s Pixel Devices

Google’s Pixel devices have a slew of added features after Gemini Nano was incorporated into the later models.

The Gemini AI can acknowledge speech, transcribe it to text, and give users a summary of the recording. Furthermore, it has Gboard Smart Replies, where the AI can examine peoples’ conversations in emails and text messages and propose contextual replies.

Additionally, it has a Talkback image description feature, is accessible for visually impaired users, and can provide precise descriptions of photos.

Meanwhile, on Pixel 6 and newer devices, including the Pixel Fold, HDR Plus has a feature that helps identify the best moment captured in a photo. However, users need a higher-end Pixel to manually select camera lenses, including the Pixel Fold and Pro versions of Pixel 6, 7, and 8.

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