Google Cloud Deploys GenAI Tools, Makes Exit Transfers Free

On Thursday, Google (GOOGL) launched new generative AI (GenAI) cloud retailer tools and removed data transfer fees for departing clients.

The US search giant’s cloud business released a new product suite to enhance retail operations and online shopping experiences. Leading the lineup was a GenAI chatbot for retailer websites and mobile apps.

The artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant analyzes a shopper’s activities and preferences to offer personalized product recommendations. Google Cloud Strategic Vice President Carrie Tharp said AI has become a critical part of the online shopping experience.

Google is a step behind rival Amazon, which debuted its AI suite for sellers in September. The online retailer’s AI toolkit underwent a litmus test in the recent holiday shopping season and received positive feedback from retailers.

Another notable addition is a large language model (LLM) feature that improves the quality of product searches. However, the LLM augmentation is only available at selected stores and will not be widely accessible until the latter half of 2024.

Other items in the suite include a catalog enrichment solution that streamlines product cataloging processes and accelerates product discovery. Moreover, the update includes a customer service modernization tool designed to resolve most shopper issues without human intervention.

Google’s initiative to outpace competitors in next-gen AI technology is not limited to online stores and cloud solutions. Its flagship hardware and software product for brick-and-mortar stores, Google Distributed Cloud Edge, also received a GenAI update.

GenAI Tools Only One Part of the Google Cloud Push

Determined to outdo its main competitors, Amazon and Microsoft, Google Cloud has made it cheaper for clients to end subscriptions. Its parent, Alphabet, has criticized competitors for levying significant charges for clients departing from their platforms.

Most businesses are reluctant to switch to another cloud provider because of the prohibitive data migration cost. Google Cloud Vice President Amit Zavery said clients departing from their cloud platform do not have to worry about exit expenditures.

Regardless of size, customers choosing to discontinue their subscription can move all their data to another cloud provider or an on-premises platform for free. The move puts pressure on rival cloud service providers to do the same.

With a new GenAI suite and the termination of exit transfer fees, analysts expect Google to surpass competitors in the near term.

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