Google Dropped amid Facing Violations and Fine from Russia

On Tuesday, Alphabet’s Google declined when its video advertisements violated standards, which raised concerns about its online advertising.

The company’s stock price went down by -0.01% to $118.33 per share on June 27. Likewise, it is expected to drop by -0.11% to $118.20 apiece in the upcoming session.

Its YouTube platform distributes video ads on other sites through Google Video Partners. The firm ensures that the ads will show on high-quality sites as it promised premium placement. Also, brands would only pay for non-skippable ads.

According to analysts, the tech giant violates given standards almost 80.00% of the time. They claimed that it places ads that are small and muted. 

Besides primary content, these ads were automatically played on websites. As a result, it needed to meet the monetization criteria. Between 2020 and 2023, experts gathered data from more than 1,100 brands and billions of advertisement impressions.

In response, Google disputed the report’s accuracy, saying that it established strict policies for its video ads on third-party sites. In addition, it promised to take proper actions based on the full report.

Furthermore, a Russian court fined Alphabet’s company worth $47.00 million. The court claimed it abused its position in the video hosting market, leading them to file charges. Moreover, it failed to pay an earlier fine.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) noted that the imposed fine for Google doubled amid non-payment.

Waze Faces Job Cuts by Google

The mapping application, Waze, will cut jobs as it unites with Google Ads’ advertising system technology. However, it did not clarify details on the number of layoffs.

To create a better experience for Waze advertisers, they started transitioning its current system to Google Ads. Therefore, they decreased the roles focused on monetizing the mapping app’s ads.

In December, the two platforms said they would merge to combine processes. On Wednesday, Geo division leader Chris Phillips said the Alphabet company would inform advertisers and partners about the move.

Moreover, the Global Business Organization (GBO) will monetize Waze’s ads. Staff from sales, marketing, operations and analytics would be mainly affected.

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