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Google makes it easier to get information about vaccines

An American-based multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products, Google has provided various features on its platform to help people with crucial information. The giant company Google claims to have launched over 200 new products, features, and initiatives. One of them is the Exposure Notification API. Google has pledged more than $1 billion to help users and partners around the world.

As we know, countries are entering the phase where they are authorizing vaccines. Therefore, the company will start providing information about the vaccines as soon as they get approved. Furthermore, communities will get vaccines at an unprecedented pace and scale. Hence, it will require sharing information to educate the public, to help to surface official guidance to people on when, where, and how to get vaccinated.

The most popular company, Google, shared how they work to meet these needs by their products. They partner with health authorities while keeping harmful misinformation off their platforms.

Google will surface a list of authorized vaccines in the user’s location

Significantly, the features have rolled out in Britain, the first country to authorize the vaccine. The company has launched a new feature on Search. While the user looks up information for coronavirus vaccines, Google will surface a list of authorized vaccines in their location and information panels on each vaccine. As soon as other health authorities start authorizing vaccines, the company announced that they would introduce this new feature in more countries.

Remarkably, the feature launched in March, and its coronavirus information panels on YouTube have 400 billion views. These panels appear on the YouTube homepage, videos, and search results about the epidemic.

As the company declares, updates to the panels will connect people directly to vaccine information. The date will be from global and local health authorities. Google also said that they would be connecting YouTube creators with leading health experts to make helpful and engaging content for their users about coronavirus and vaccines.

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