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Google Maps helps you to stay safe

According to the latest news, AAA and Google Maps now have new features, showing you if you are headed into an area with restrictions or mask mandates or driving to a place that’s a hot zone for Coronavirus infections.

We all know that Thanksgiving was the busiest day on the road for travelers, and millions of people were traveling to gather this weekend even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised not to.

Before Thanksgiving, AAA made an analysis that showed that more than 50 million people would be traveling.

According to people, it took a long time to drive during Thanksgiving, and in certain states, people did not wear masks.

With the help of Google Maps’ new feature, customers can see if they are going into a Covid-19 hot spot. In order to use a new tool, you can open the Google Maps app and tap on the layers button on the top right-handed corner of the screen, and select Covid-19 info.

According to the giant company, Google, the map shows the seven-day average on new coronavirus infections per 10,000 people by country, state, or country. The app helps you to travel safely and stay socially distanced.

Dr. Paul Pottinger, who specialized in infectious diseases at UW Medicine, announced that he is fond of a new feature, and he wants to put that into everybody’s hands.

AAA’s covid-19 maps can tell the customer about restrictions

Except for that, AAA also has covid-19 maps online, which can tell the customer what restrictions are in place wherever they are headed. In order to use the new feature, you can click on, for example, Idaho, and the map will inform you you the mask policy in Idaho is strongly advised but not required. The map also informs you about dining restrictions, gathering restrictions, and traveler quarantine advisories.

Additionally, AAA also announced that it would be better to pack your food and extra drinks; therefore, you don’t have to go into a store and interact with people.

Kelly Just, of AAA Washington, said that they couldn’t tell people not to travel, but they can tell them to look at the CDC’s advice, and it’s their personal decision to go.

Another essential thing to mention is that Google Maps offers another great feature, which gives you the ability to check how busy a business is before you head over. On Wednesday at 2 p.m., Whole Foods in Seattle’s Interbay neighborhood is as crowded as it gets, suggesting you’ll probably want to avoid it to reduce contact with others.

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