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Google Maps makes traveling less stressful

The world’s giant company, Google, is rolling out a new feature for its Google Maps navigation service, aiming to make traveling less stressful during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Google Maps will allow users to get a helpful new update, which sounds very comfortable for anyone who is strengthened about traveling during a pandemic. One of the Big-five companies, Google, announced that they are improving their busyness information feature, which will help customers plan their travel. Significantly, in 2016, Google has reported that busyness information functionality has witnessed a massive rise in engagement this year. Busyness information is available for tonnes of locations such as restaurants, parks, beaches, supermarkets, and transport hubs,

Remarkably, Between March and May, this device witnessed a 50% rise in engagement as more people tried to find out when was the quietest time to go to a location. Besides, Google has been expanding live busyness information to millions worldwide – and will boost this globally by five times compared to June 2020.

The feature helps people to stay socially distanced

This feature has become significant to people who are trying to stay socially distanced. Moreover, they can travel when it’s quietest to stay away from large crowds. According to Google, Google Maps will soon be able to show busyness information on the main map screen where locations will have busyness information next to it. As the company reported, it helps customers to be informed and get around safely. Google states that the ability to see busyness information of Google Maps has been one of their most famous features. Unsurprisingly, this information has become a useful tool to help people quickly understand how busy a place is during the pandemic. Therefore, they can decide where to go. As a result, this feature witnessed a 50% gain between March and May as more and more people were using the information.

Google has been developing live busyness information to millions of places worldwide, and expansion includes more outdoor areas, such are beaches and parks, grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, etc. The information will be available right on the map, and according to Google, it will soon be available to IOS, Android, and desktop users.

The giant Google also highlighted how health and safety information is now “front and center” of Google Maps, with detailed information measures businesses adopt to stay safe.

If you’re going to a restaurant, you can figure out if workers are wearing masks or if any other safety measures are in place to keep you and other people safe.

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