Google Maps will offer info on availability of beds, oxygen

Google Maps Will Offer Info on Availability of Beds and Oxygen

Google announced today that it is testing a new feature in the Maps application. It will enable users to ask about and share local information on beds and medical oxygen availability in select locations amid massive COVID-19 gain in India.

The announcement comes as a part of Google’s efforts to support the relief efforts amid the disastrous second wave of the epidemic.

The firm announced that the most basic information users are searching for is hospital beds and medical oxygen availability. The firm announced it is testing a new feature. It is doing so by using the Q&A function in Maps that allows individuals to ask about and share local information about beds and medical oxygen in select locations.

As we know, India witnesses a massive surge in COVID-19 cases, hospitals in several states are facing a shortage of medical oxygen and beds.

Google announced its teams are focused on three priority areas:

  • Ensuring individuals can access the latest and most reliable information.
  • Amplifying vital safety and vaccination messages.
  • Providing financial backing for affected communities, health authorities, and other organizations.

Google Maps Is Sharing the Locations of Over 23k Vaccination Centers


Except for showing 2,500 testing centers on Search and Maps, the search giant is now sharing the locations of more than 23,000 vaccination centers nationwide, in English and eight Indian languages.

Moreover, Google is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. They want to make more vaccination center information available to customers in India.

The firm announced running an internal donation campaign to raise funds for non-profit organizations. Those will include GiveIndia, Charities Aid Foundation India, GOONJ, and United Way of Mumbai. Furthermore, this campaign has raised over $4.6 million to date and generates much-needed support for relief efforts.

The search giant has also added a COVID Aid campaign on Google Pay. Individuals can donate to non-profit organizations like GiveIndia, Charities Aid Foundation, Goonj, etc.

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