Google Photos is trying to make it easier to find photos

Google Photos Is Trying to Make It Easier to Find Photos

In April, Google Photos seemed to be internally testing advanced search filters to make it even easier to find photos. It sounds like testing for the feature is starting to roll out to some users, which implies it could be available for everyone soon.

Remarkably, Android Police was among the first to notice additional search filters in the Google Photos app. If you want to search for an image of a particular person, Photos will display a row of filters right below the search field. You can narrow your media type to images, selfies, videos, screenshots, and more. Additionally, you will be able to add the name of multiple people to find that exact group photo from a vacation you took.

Undoubtedly, the new search filters in Google Photos make things a little easier. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

These New Filters Offer an Intuitive Visual Interface


According to Android Police, the search filters don’t add anything that wasn’t possible before, as you can already search any video or photo in the search box. Still, the announcement says that these new filters offer an intuitive visual interface that better markets Photos’ powerful search capabilities.

Jane Manchun Wong first spotted the more strong search features in Google Photos. Wong typically reveals new features before they officially announce them, and this time was no exception.

Google Photos has added several new features over the past few months. Notably, it was rolling out an advanced video editor and tighter Google Lens integration. The features resume evolving Google’s service beyond merely being a place to store photos. However, some things are being behind a paywall.

It’s essential to mention that Android Police revealed that the new search filters aren’t widely available just yet and seem to be part of a server-side test. However, it sounds like Google Photos users will find that one particular photo more easily.

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