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Google Rolls Out Passkeys Feature for Signing In

Google began rolling out passkeys, an alternative for signing into accounts that rely on users’ biometrics.

Analysts claim they are a much simpler and safer way of signing into applications and websites. 

According to Google, they would start working to support passkeys on their platform. They added that it is more accessible with robust security alternatives to passwords. Ahead of World Password Day, they began rolling out support for the feature on all famous platforms.

Moreover, this feature will be available alongside the password and 2FA login methods. Users will see the Passkeys option when they sign up on a new app or website.

For now, it is available for private Google account holders. However, based on the company’s administrators, they will soon have an option for enabling passkeys for end-users to sign in to Workspace accounts.

Meanwhile, they can only exist on certain devices. Whenever a user signs in using a passkey, it proves to Google that he/she has access to the device and can unlock it.

In addition, unlike passwords, these passkeys are vital in avoiding online attacks like phishing. Also, they are more secure than SMS one-time codes, which hackers can access. 

This feature will sync users’ authentication across all their devices run by Google accounts. Again, it would be through the cloud and cryptographic key pairs.

Pichai Earned Complains from Google Employees

CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, received a generous pay raise last year, making him one of the highest-paid American CEOs. Last week, the company reported the authorization of a $70.00 billion stock buyback.

However, its parent firm, Alphabet, has been having sharp cost cuts, including a layoff for 12,000 jobs. It is a response to its weaker revenue growth.

It is not the first time that Pichai has been under pressure for his decisions. In January, he mentioned that he took full responsibility for the decrease in the workforce.

During a meeting, employees asked the Google CEO why executives were having pay cuts if Pichai was taking responsibility. He responded by saying that senior vice presidents’ bonuses are being reduced. Also, he added that he is dropping his bonus.

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