Google Upgrades NotebookLM Adds New Features with Gemini 1.5

On Thursday, Google revealed its overhauled NotebookLM, an AI app for note-taking with new features, and its latest Gemini 1.5.

The tech giant debuted the artificial intelligence (AI) note-taking app in 2023 for researchers, students, and anyone who needs to arrange their gathered information. Additionally, the firm has added its Slides and web URLs as sources, not limiting the software to Docs, PDFs, and text files.

Furthermore, the latest Notebook Guide can read sources in NotebookLM and curate reviewers, FAQs, or summarizing documents, and in-text citations can find the user’s sources to fact-check AI replies.

According to reports, the app can accommodate up to 50 sources per notebook, each 500,000 words long, whereas previously, users could only upload five sources.

Moreover, customers can ask queries about charts, photos, and diagrams uploaded to the software as NotebookLM is running on Google’s latest large language model (LLM) Gemini 1.5 Pro, which currently strengthens the paid version of the chatbot.

Meanwhile, Google Labs senior product manager Riza Martin noted that the note-taking platform is a closed system as it will not perform web searches while reading the website content users add.

Martin added that NotebookLM’s replies to questions about data or photos will only come from the customer’s corpus or body of facts attached to the platform.

NotebookLM Overhaul on Google’s Plan to Expand

Alphabet-owned Google has updated NotebookLM as part of its plan to expand to India, the UK, and about 200 other countries after the US gained access nearly six months ago.

Reports show that the note-taking AI tool has been underpinned by these nations, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, the UK, and 208 other countries and territories.

Moreover, Google has widened the software’s interface language support by adding 108 dialects, as well as but not limited to Arabic, Chinese, French, and Cantonese.

The Alphabet-owned company also aids sources and chats in 38 languages, like Arabic, Bengali, simplified and traditional Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Hindi, and Japanese.

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