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Google Warns to Dismiss Workers Flouting its Vaccine Rules

Google warns employees who disobey the company’s Covid-19 vaccination policies will lose pay and be eventually fired from their position. 

Accordingly, the tech giant released a memorandum that mandates its workforce to state their vaccination status until January 18. 

At the same time, Google asks them to upload documentation showing proof of medical or religious exemption.

After the stated deadline, the firm said it would start contacting employees who had not uploaded their documents. 

Moreover, it emphasized that non-compliance with the vaccine rules will place them on paid administrative leave for 30 days. 

Eventually, it will put these employees on unpaid personal leave for six months, followed by termination.

Meanwhile, other highly valued technology companies have pushed back their return-to-work plans amid the emergence of the latest Omicron coronavirus variant. 

Nevertheless, Google required some of its workforce to report into physical offices three days a week by next year.

Recently, the United States government ordered American companies with 100 or more workers to follow the vaccination rules. 

Accordingly, businesses must ensure that their employees are fully vaccinated or regularly tested for coronavirus by January 18. 

In early November, a federal court released a stay in the order, delaying the administration’s efforts.

Regardless, Google plans to follow the directives given by the Biden administration. 

It calls its more than 150,000 employees to submit their vaccination status to its internal systems even if they will not come into the office. 

Last July, its CEO Sundar Pichai announced that the firm would require vaccinations for those who will return to offices, planning to reopen in January.  

However, concerns arose about the surging infection numbers in the country. In the stated case,  the company delayed its return-to-office plan indefinitely.

600 Workers Oppose Google’s Vaccine Rules

Meanwhile, at least 600 employees opposed the mandated vaccine rules of Google. 

Last month, they signed and circulated a manifesto against the directives, posing the latest challenge for the firm’s leadership. 

Consequently, Google gave some options in its latest guidance for those who wanted to remain unvaccinated.

It said that employees could request exemptions for religious beliefs or medical conditions.

Vaccination is a predicament not only for Google but also for the rest of the country. According to the reports, the Covid-19 virus already posted 772,570.00 deaths in the US. 

Still, America grapples with convincing the more than 60 million who remain unvaccinated despite the proven effectiveness of COVID shots.

In the trading market, Google’s parent Alphabet Inc. Class A slightly edged up 0.07% or 1.86 points to $2,880.00 per share. 


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