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GSL Markets

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Forex and CFDs

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Bulgaria , City of Plovdiv 4006/ region Plovdiv, Plovdiv Municipality, Izotchen ( Eastern) Municipal District , 32 ELBA street floor 5, Apt : 14

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English, German


24/5 (Monday – Friday)


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MetaTrader 5

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100% Welcome Bonus

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0.3 pips

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GSL Markets – A Forex Broker you Can Trust

General Information & First Impressions

This is a Bulgarian forex broker that has a lot to offer to not only the local but also the global market. The forex broker GSL Markets seems to be excellent. However, is it reliable enough for a trader to work with? Yes, it is, since trading is a time-consuming procedure that needs careful attention. Finding a broker that won’t squander your time and energy is therefore important.

Online reviews of GSL frequently laud the business for its creative approaches to operation. This company cares about learning what its customers think and want. For this reason, they frequently create questionnaires on a range of subjects, including customer service and financial markets. They are also highly interested in the idea of providing industry information directly from their website, which is why they have a separate news page so that customers can easily obtain new information to help them make the strongest possible trading judgments and strategies.

GSL Markets Review


The GSL Markets brand is a recognized online brokerage for Forex & CFDs and is authorized in several jurisdictions around the world. A collection of authorized internet brokers makes up GSL market. It became established in 2022, and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission oversees its regulation. Additionally, the Financial Conduct Authority oversees its regulation. Forex & CFD trading are available through GSL Markets on stocks, precious metals, equity indices, commodities, and energy.

Due to the stringent regulations set forth by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, the FCA’s regulation of GSL Markets Broker qualifies it as a legitimate broker. Because this is a top-tier license and the broker is proudly displaying the license number on their number, brokers who hold FCA licenses have permission to provide their services to various markets.

Account Types

Finding the “get started” option will begin an easy set up your first account. Then, input the details you typically include when registering for anything else, such as your name, email address, and phone number. We will ask a few questions to help us better understand your experience and your expectations after you have verified your account. A trader can choose from a variety of accounts offered by the broker, with differences in the minimum deposit needed, the spread range in pips, and the broker’s commissions.

There are five different account types available on the broker’s website. Each of the have a different minimum depositing requirement.

  • Bronze – Minimum deposit is $10,000
  • Silver – Minimum deposit is $20,000
  • Gold – Minimum deposit is $50,000
  • Premium – Minimum deposit is $100,000
  • Platinum – Minimum deposit is $250,000
GSL Markets account types

The Trading Accounts

Gold Account

The gold account is specifically designed for those that are well-known in the world of forex trading. Internet thoughts on this subject indicate how helpful this account can be for seasoned traders. All of the accounts, nevertheless, share a few characteristics. For instance, this account’s leverage is identical to that of a silver account. What a gold account gives you is as follows: You can contact a specific account manager. There is a demo version of the account.

Platinum Account

Highly skilled traders should be able to use the Platinum account. Some of the fundamental features offered by this account, such as leverage, are comparable to those of other accounts. Additionally, this account provides: an accountable account manager. Access to specialized investment news is available.

Premium Account

You have the following advantages with this specific account: An individual account manager, access to a VIP Trading Signals Telegram Channel only Access to the Jack Scienza WhatsApp Group is restricted Introduction to the Trading Platform Guidelines and Strategies for Risk Management Sessions on Basic Market Education individual trading alerts Zero-Risk Trades, Practical Trading Sessions with a Guide, capable of using the GSL Markets Managed Account Service

Islamic Accounts

GSL Markets, a reputable broker for traders who wish to make money while taking into account the religious considerations surrounding it, is introducing the Islamic account type, despite the fact that all account kinds are designed to accommodate the various religious beliefs. While the Islamic accounts do not allow their traders to accumulate gains from interest rates and other non-trading activities, they do allow traders to open positions in various markets in the same way as any other trader on the platform.

The coolness of the firm is not only by the vast trading features that the company suggests with every trading account. has five trading account types, and based on your demand, you can make the best decision for you.

Opening an Account and Trading Software

Different MT4 and MT5 platforms are available from GSL Markets for all widely used operating systems. You have unrestricted access to all of the broker’s platforms through your account.

A popular platform for forex traders is MetaTrader which GSL markets provide. It’s one of the most well-known and effective programs available. In fact, the software is highly sophisticated and adaptable. This explains why all kinds of traders love the from newbies to seasoned professionals.

Assets and Trading Instruments

The majority of traders continue to favor one of the largest financial markets, if not the largest of them all, where pairs of currencies are exchanged against one another and traders profit from the difference between the buying price and the selling price. The trading platform offers more than 50 different currency pairs, with spreads starting at just 0.2 pip and a maximum leverage of 1:500.

On the trading platform, it is also possible to trade on the most well-known organizations, keeping an eye on the stock prices as they change in response to the news and the operations of these businesses. Maximum leverage for stock trading is one to twenty, and the swap range begins at just five percent.

Undoubtedly one of the most inventive forms of commerce, it comprises the exchange of a variety of goods, including coffee, crude oil, and natural resources like silver, gold, and many more. Trading contracts for these commodities became permitted with a maximum leverage of 1:133.

An index consists of a number of businesses that typically operate in related areas. Indexes like the NASDAQ and S&P 500 are formed by these businesses, and the prices of these indices are affected by the actions of the businesses that are listed. Leverage is available on more than 15 indices, with a maximum of 1:200.

Additional Information

The vast majority of trustworthy financial brokers are concerned with educating their traders about the terms used in trading and finances as well as keeping them informed about what is happening with their capital. There are tutorials that demonstrate how to do things like install and utilize the MetaTrader software, which traders use with financial brokers, and how to open a position in the market.

In addition, there are e-books, podcasts, and courses that instruct novice traders on anything from the fundamentals of trading to how to create a winning trading strategy, where you may be able to learn some insider trading tips.

xelcome bonus

Customer Care

The customer service representatives always offer well-mannered and courteous service. There are several ways to get in touch with them. You might find out more about their services by sending a well-written email to their address. By using the live chat feature on their website, you might also use the newer version. You might quickly receive answers to the most frequent inquiries regarding the company by doing this.

You can always call the customer care representatives’ phone number and ask them any queries you might have if you would prefer a more open line of communication. Due to the availability of these services in several languages, traders from all nationalities have the opportunity to converse in their mother tongues. And the best part is that it’s always accessible because it runs around-the-clock.

GSL broker also has a promotional initiative in a form of a deposit bonus. All the more reason to make a deposit with the forex broker as one can have additional benefits as well. Simply sign up for a GSL Markets trading account and fund it with your initial investment. Once you’ve made your initial deposit, the broker will match it with a 100% Welcome Bonus on your account. Now you can now begin trading with twice as much as you previously invested

GSL Markets Review: Conclusion

SGL markets has received acclaim as one of the finest financial brokers. Finding the perfect financial broker that protects the traders’ capital is incredibly difficult for traders. Traders appear to be forever searching for the greatest financial broker.

The fact that the broker is regulated by prestigious agencies like the FCA, CySEC, and DIFC is the first green light that every trader wants to see, indicating that the broker is not a fraud. In situations when the licenses serve as a guarantee to the trader that the broker is not engaging in any illegal activity, the FCA has a compensations program that reimburses the trader’s funds up to $85,000.

A forex trading company called SGL markets provides its customers with high functionality through the use of cutting-edge trading tools, flexibility, and a customized approach to make sure their trades are successful. The company makes an effort to maintain the ideal balance between high and low liquidity periods. Their website is quite straightforward and compatible with a variety of devices.

They provide a trading atmosphere that is full of benefits, and they will undoubtedly support your most audacious trading strategies. There are no restrictions on open positions, a wide range of trading assets are available, and you have complete control over your bids, which considerably reduces counter party risk.



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