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GTCFX Partners with Acuity Trading

Acuity has previously partnered with ThinkMarkets, BlackBull Markets, INGOT Brokers, Equiti, EightCap, ADSS, Hantec Markets, Admirals, and Oanda.

Acuity Trading and GTCFX, a Dubai-based multi-asset STP broker established in 2006, have entered a strategic partnership. The partnership aims to offer GTCFX’s customers better market research tools to support their trading decisions.

GTCFX is integrating Acuity Trading’s AnalysisIQ and AssetIQ tools into its current offering to improve the trading experience for its customers.

According to Mubashar Saeed, Head of Marketing at GTCFX, partnering with Acuity Trading means their traders will receive much market research data, such as news, analysis, and technical indicators. It will enable them to make better-informed decisions, and this partnership will maintain its reputation for providing clients with the best possible trading experience.

Acuity will collaborate with GTCFX to provide better market insights and news by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It will help GTCFX clients to identify new trading opportunities and improve their trading performance quickly. The collaboration will also include stop-loss orders and position-sizing tools to enhance traders’ confidence.

The CEO of Acuity Trading, Andrew Lane, shared his excitement about the partnership and emphasized the similar values shared by both companies. Lane stated that Acuity Trading’s product development centers around data, exceptional design, and customer service, while GTCFX already has a reputably user-friendly trading platform that provides customer satisfaction. He believes integrating Acuity’s user-friendly and captivating tools into the platform will enhance the user experience and entice new customers to GTCFX.

GTCFX appointed Alaa Tabib as their new Chief Operating Officer (COO) last year. Tabib oversees Group Operations and Business Development in the Middle East region, focusing on the UAE. Additionally, the brokerage received the ‘Best Fintech’ award at the Forex Traders Summit Dubai 2022.


Acuity Helps Rising Number of Brokers

It is common to hear about Acuity forming partnerships with new brokers. One example was in May when ThinkMarkets integrated with the Signal Centre provided by Acuity Trading. This integration gave ThinkMarkets clients access to 40 daily trading signals.

BlackBull Markets and INGOT Brokers have previously taken similar steps. Acuity has previously worked with companies like EightCap, Equiti, ADSS, Admirals, Hantec Markets, Oanda, and other industry representatives.

Acuity is a London-based company that was launched in 2013. It uses its technology to analyze data from news sources across the world. It helps to provide valuable insights into market trends. Acuity uses sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing technology to find important market signals. Additionally, Acuity has included the Signal Centre research entity and started an R&D hub in Barcelona, Spain.

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