How NFTs and art can benefit from each other while moving forward

How NFTs and Art Can Benefit from Each Other While Moving Forward

The art and crypto communities are collaborating closely because of the past nonfungible token NFT boom. It might happen for the first time. There is a lot of misunderstanding and skepticism in both industries. This article describes a long-term vision of the art and NFT market development that might appeal to both worlds.

There is a stereotype that crypto people always discuss deals on Twitter and communicate through abbreviations or memes. In contrast, art people are conservative, meet for lunch at Ladurée to discuss deals during private presales. These communities are on the opposite side of the spectrum. That is the reason why some of the narratives about blockchain-related NFT or art are wrong.

Eliminate Intermediaries Paradigm Can Not Work for Art


Crypto narratives always underline the idea of eliminating all intermediaries, building a straightforward, more transparent communication between sellers and buyers. However, those intermediaries have a significant role in the art industry. It’s a vital and inevitable part of the art.

Intermediaries do creative work in art. A smart contract cannot replace it. Reputable art dealers and gallery owners bring a piece of deep knowledge while establishing value in art. Their curation is something that the crypto art world lacks. Those are intermediaries that NFT art should not eliminate.


Working on The Art Industry of The Future


The merging of the blockchain and art communities is a win-win situation. Museums, Art curators, and creators will continue bringing beauty into the blockchain world and high-quality art in space.

Moreover, blockchain communities see NFT art beyond the hype to bring effectiveness, new models of ownership, and transparency. Therefore, people focusing on leveraging the benefits of both industries instead of criticizing each other will shape the future of the art and NFT industries.

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