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How technology and delivery services will save the food industry

With social distancing and overall lockdown, consumers are encouraged to use take away service or food delivery apps. The variety of delivery companies created several apps and are partnering with businesses large and small. As the world is adapting to Covid-active environment, food retailers and manufacturers rely on technological innovators to transform their service and adjust to customers’ needs.

Delivery apps

Amidst rapidly changing regulations and pandemic situation, accessing favourite food services plays a massive role in comforting customers during this difficult time. Otherwise, a considerable part of the population remains indoors and is restricted to contact with others. Hence, delivering food to their doors provides not only a convenience but also access to fresh food.

The popularity of delivery apps has increased over the past five years. However, as pandemic spread all over the globe, governments prohibited traditional sit- down restaurants, therefore the number of food providers including restaurants, bars and even supermarkets, wildly use delivery apps to maintain their business.

Saving business

Offering delivery services help restaurants cut the costs during this period of instability. As businesses are adapting to new regulations, the technology allowed them to provide uninterrupted service, despite the era of uncertainty and the overall shift in demand. They try to respond to customer concerns immediately while maintaining a reputation of safety and trust.

Responding to health risks

Restaurants are investigating deeper, how to minimize social fear, and increase restaurant, driver and customer safety during COVID-19.

Many delivery services have added contactless “leave at your door service”. This way, both drivers and customers to cooperate with the government guidelines. Many companies issued hygiene regulations for employees, and some has removed restaurants from their service list, because of cases of Covid-19.

On the other hand, restaurants themselves are also taking efforts in kitchens to stop spreading the virus:

  • Keeping distance in the kitchen between employees;
  • Instant isolation for stuff members having virus symptoms;
  • Upgrade cleaning processes;
  • Restricting reusable containers for food.

Technology involvement in food processing

These days, technology not only changes the way food is produced, but also its overall consumption. Cutting-edge technologies made it possible to automate many processes in just seconds. Furthermore, technological advancements in the fields like- manufacturing and packaging made it possible to maintain food freshness over a long time.

Consequently, technology is one of the leading forces, which drives mass production and consumption.

Although many restaurants are still sceptical about relying entirely on delivery services, we have to admit that the future of the food industry strongly depends on innovations in technology.

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