Huawei Phone Shows Innovated Chinese Chip

Huawei Technologies and SMIC, China’s top chipmaker, worked on building an advanced 7-nanometer processor for a new smartphone.

China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) made a new chip called Kirin 9000s. Analysts said the chip was made to power the gadget maker’s new phone, Mate 60 Pro.

Moreover, Huawei rolled out the new phone last week, which advertised its ability to make satellite calls. However, it did not offer information regarding the chipset’s power inside.

On the other hand, the processor is the first to use the semiconductor manufacturer’s most advanced 7nm technology. Also, it suggests that the Chinese government should attempt to build a domestic chip ecosystem.

Additionally, individuals from China who purchased the phone posted tear-down videos and shared speed tests on social media. They showed that the Mate 60 Pro can download speeds, surpassing top-line 5G phones.

In 2019, Huawei was restricted by the US in gaining access to essential chipmaking tools for production. As a result, the company could only release limited batches of 5G models using stockpiled chips.

Based on research firms, the company planned on returning to the 5G smartphone industry. It would utilize its advances in semiconductor design tools and chipmaking from SMIC.


Saudi Arabia Huawei Cloud Data Center Opened

On Monday, Huawei announced it opened a cloud data center in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. It aims for online service offerings growth in the Middle East and North Africa.

The new center in Riyadh marks the company’s 30th one worldwide. It would back government services for the Saudi kingdom and enable artificial intelligence applications and Arabic language models.

According to Steven Yi, its regional president, implementing the Huawei cloud would connect other Chinese firms to Saudi Arabia. He added that it could help in developing the country’s digital economy.

Previously, Saudi said it would not sign contracts with foreign companies that do not have regional headquarters in their kingdom.

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