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Interesting news about Covid-19 vaccine

As it is known, the United States has two coronavirus vaccines authorized for emergency use. After nine months of isolation and lockdowns and over 300,000 deaths, it is not easy to find superlatives to fit this moment. In a few months, we will likely have access to vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, and AstraZeneca, and we will have a cornucopia of choices.

Everyone is wondering if vaccination is safe. According to Federal health officials and drug manufacturers, they did not cut any corners. The scientists based the vaccines on sound science and data. Moreover, An FDA analysis of the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness on people aged 16 and older found no specific safety concerns.

Additionally, mild to moderate side effects can be nausea, body aches, headaches, and chills. According to CDC officials, the symptoms are a sign the vaccine is working to activate the body’s immune response and are safe.

The Medical Director of Infectious Disease at Advocate Aurora Health, Dr. Robert Citronberg, announced that they do not believe that there are any severe side effects with the vaccine. He added that the benefit of getting the vaccine is essential, and it is much more harmful to get coronavirus than to get a vaccine.

Moreover, according to the head of Infection Prevention at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, everyone should get the vaccine. It should go to the patients at higher risk first. However, we will have to do all because this disease is affecting everybody.

Additionally, it is interesting if it is possible to skip the vaccine if you already have the virus. Dr. Citronberg and Dr. Huhn announced that even if you have had the coronavirus, you should still consider getting the vaccine.

People who have had coronavirus should still be eligible for the shots

Dr. Citronbers announced that during three months, patients with coronavirus might have a level of protection. However, the absolute level of protection is unknown. Therefore, those people who have had coronavirus should still be eligible for the shots. However, they are a lower priority than individuals who have not yet had the virus.

The next important question is when will we know if the shot is successful? People expect to get some level of protection within a couple of weeks after the first vaccine. According to Citronberg, it will take six months. However, he said that he assumes that by June of the 2021 year, everybody in this country who wants a vaccine will receive it.

Besides, we should remember that injection is not a ticket to ‘normal life.’ Medical experts say masks and social distancing will still be necessary until a green light.

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