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Market Giants

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Forex & CFD

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37th Floor, Canary Wharf, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5AA

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Market Giants Review: Broker with Fresh Ideas


First Impression

Finding the best Forex broker for your trading endeavors isn’t always as simple as it would seem. To choose one that not only optimizes your market profitability but also consistently ensures your safety, you must take into consideration a huge number of factors.

you require a broker who provides a wide range of instruments, minimal commissions, and profitable trading tools. It should go without saying that a successful brokerage is one that successfully combines both safety and profitability.

You can see how successfully the Market Giants Forex broker integrates these two elements into a single trading interface by reading the review that follows. So let’s get right to the review and not waste any more of your or our time. The broker offers three separate fund protection systems on its website, according to our Market Giants review. These consist of:

Negative balance protection: Consolation that, in the event that your leveraged position exhausts the entire account balance and begins to move into the red, it will be closed automatically;

Account segregation is a practice that requires that your deposits and profits be kept in different bank accounts to prevent the broker from misusing them; Customer compensation fund: A fund pool that is always stocked with cash in case Market Giants’ broker experiences financial trouble or some comparable event.

Overall, it is clear that Market Giants not only cares about your success in the market but also makes sure you have the safest trading experience possible.

Available Trading Instruments

The terms and conditions of a broker’s trading instruments are arguably the feature that traders are most interested in. After all, you want to make as much money as you can in the market.

How do Market Giants do in this regard then? According to our in-depth assessment, the broker provides you with access to more than 150 different financial assets for trading. These resources fall under the following categories:

  • 107 currency pairings.
  • 40 indices and stocks
  • 12 energies and metals
  • 7 digital currency

The variety in this part allows you to invest in multiple assets at once, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and make it more resistant to unanticipated market events. You can trade a variety of various assets individually to see which features suit you best.

But in our Market Giants review, that is far from the sole advantage. We discovered that there is a great maximum leverage. In other words, you can leverage your trades by a factor of 1:500, which is a feature you rarely see with a Forex broker.


Opening a Trading Account

Are you already persuaded by Market Giants’ benefits? That’s good since we’re going to look at how to sign up for it and what kinds of accounts you can acquire now.

Actually, the registration procedure is quite quick and easy. In conducting this Market Giants Forex broker review, our reviewers were able to open a live trading account by following these easy steps:

  1. Enter your contact information, including your full name, address, birthdate, email address, and employment information.
  2. Uploading your ID card, passport, driver’s license, and utility bill or bank statement will allow you to confirm your identity and residence address.
  3. Put money into your freshly opened account.
  4. Begin trading.

Simply follow these simple steps to open a fully functional trading account at Market Giants. And if you’re wondering what trading accounts this broker offers, you have a wide selection to choose from:

  • Bronze Account
  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account
  • Premium Account
  • Platinum Account

Account Types

For retail traders, according to our Market Giants review, the broker offers five different account types: bronze, silver, gold, premium, and platinum. For traders who are professionals, there is also a professional account available. They all provide you with unique services. All of these accounts have the advantage of being relatively open and equitable because everyone has access to the tools needed for trading.

These 5 accounts share a lot in common even though they are very different from one another in a number of ways. For people with little prior trading knowledge, a silver account is a fantastic choice, although a gold account might be of tremendous assistance.

You will also get access to the advanced traders-only platinum account. For traders, the gold and platinum accounts include unique features including the swap discount. Create a professional account if you think the broker’s offers are insufficient for you. However, bear in mind that some prerequisites must be met in order to create this account.

Trading Platform

Security and versatility are two of the main attributes of the Market Giants trading platform. It is used by financial intermediaries like Market Giants to provide traders and investors with the chance to initiate and close positions. Never before has managing them been so simple. The following list of features are supported by this platform:

  • three distinct execution modes
  • various market channels
  • four active modes
  • 2 modes of stop orders

The trading platform offered by Market Giants is well-known worldwide, and many traders use it on a daily basis. It’s also one of the systems with the best technical capabilities, with nearly no bugs. The platform is readily available for download on the broker’s website.

You should use the trading platform from Market Giants if you don’t like the concept of using MT4. The design of this platform is simpler than the one stated earlier. It has never been simpler to obtain and process market data thanks to a clear, user-friendly interface.

The fact that the Market Giants trading platform is browser-based and does not need to be downloaded is one of its main advantages. Simply launch your preferred browser, navigate to the broker’s website, launch the Market Giants trading platform, and begin trading in a matter of clicks.

Interactive charts can be used to show market activity and volume for a stock, future, or index. You select a time period and a bar style when you first open the chart icon, but you can alter any choice once the chart has been displayed.


Deposit Bonus ​

Numerous Forex deposit bonus brokers will present you with conditions that are impossible to meet unless you fully disregard risk management rules. Always choose brokers who can provide you terms that you can achieve throughout your regular trading schedule when looking for a deposit bonus offer.

In reality, you ought to pick conditions that let you conduct business at a leisurely pace. How can you accomplish this? Look at the number of days a broker offers to reach the trading volume, then compare that to the volume you have previously reached in the same number of days, and just take 80% of that. Customers of Market Giants can receive a 100% deposit bonus. Instead of calculating your daily volume and then considering how much more you need to accomplish, concentrate on your trade.

This is a crucial regulation because certain bonus traders frequently execute foolish transactions only to reach the volume. In such circumstances, your losses from the foolish transactions may rapidly surpass the value of the bonus. Also, pay attention to the terms and conditions of the deposit Forex bonus since certain brokers frequently prevent scalpers from reaching their trading volume by capping the minimum qualifying transactions at 15 minutes. You are not constrained in these ways by Market Giants.


Customer Support

The business’ approach to customer service is another distinguishing characteristic. The people who run the servers are quite friendly and appear to be very articulate in their work. The Market Giants rating is pretty high because of this. Since the customer service personnel is accessible around-the-clock, contacting the business is never a problem for the customer. There are several options for doing this:

  • A phone call on the following number: +442034554896
  • Section for Management Messaging

With the email option, one has the choice to write a concise message with the utmost confidence that Market Giants will respond within a short period of time and provide in-depth answers to one’s inquiries. And you can always contact the Market Giants Forex broker management team with just a few clicks if you do have a bad experience or believe that anything is not working properly. You would first need to visit the “Contact Us” part of the website, where you may fill out a template with any concerns you might have.

Market Giants Review, Market Giants Review

Final Thoughts

The broker at Market Giants is authorized and governed. This is a definite indication that the business is reliable, and you can relax knowing that your assets are in capable hands. The expensive initial deposit of $250 is one of the complaints you may find against the broker. Also keep in mind that although the brokers are fairly adamant that you begin trading, they are also aware that a simple “no” will cause them to back off. They merely advocate for larger deposits because doing so will increase your account’s returns and earnings. We discovered in our Market Giants review that the broker is 100% committed to paying traders their winnings. Because the firm’s success is intimately correlated with your success, your interests are aligned with those of the company.



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