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Mega Markets

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Forex & CFDs

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DUO RANGE LIMITED, 2 Frederick Street, Kings Cross, London, WC1X 0ND



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Mega Markets Review: A Fresh Trustworthy Broker

Mega Markets

Basic Information

Mega Markets uses a strong security network and complies with AML and KYC regulations to safeguard financial transactions and trading orders. Additionally, the compliance department only processes withdrawals from accounts that have been properly validated and are currently operational. As a result, any unlawful or fraudulent acts are completely avoided, and customer accounts and monies are protected. In order to best safeguard their accounts, according to our Mega Markets review, account holders are likewise recommended to take the required steps on their end and use strong passwords.

The broker is legitimate and offers products and services that are fully approved and regulated; thus, there is no cause to suspect Mega Markets of scam as the broker is licensed. We can infer that the broker is for seasoned traders because the minimum deposit charge is higher than the industry average on the Forex market. Mega Markets’ customers benefit from a wide range of trading options, high leverage, commission-free transactions, and several other features that make trading simple, easy to understand, and more pleasant.

The UK is one of the most well-known countries for trustworthy financial brokers and is where Mega Markets broker is based. Other prominent regulatory organizations include FCA, CySEC, and ASIC.

With a choice of five different account types, variable spreads, and leverage that varies according to the asset (for example, between forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies), traders can pick from up to 1:500 on foreign exchange. While the web-based trading platform can be used to execute deals

Mega Markets

Sign Up at

Opening your first account is comparable to opening an account on any other broker website in terms of simplicity. Enter your email address, make a password, and then leave your phone number after clicking the “Sign Up” button. After you do this, you will receive a confirmation code as the first step of verification.

You don’t need to be concerned about giving your phone number away because, according to our Mega Markets review, this is a reputable broker. The broker may ask you for additional identification documents after you confirm that you are the one registering the account. This is a crucial step in ensuring the account is registered by a real person and not a robot or fraudster. These documents may include a personal identity card, a driving license, or a recent utility bill.

Additionally, you might be asked a few questions about your trading goals and objectives. This is another crucial piece of information to share because it aids the broker in understanding your objectives, degree of experience, and trading expectations.

Trading Accounts

On the website, there are five different account kinds available. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premium, and Platinum accounts are ready to serve all types of traders, from novice to experienced.

  • The broker asks for a $250 minimum deposit for a bronze account. Those with a bronze account can access all resources and opportunities and receive the highest payment. Bronze account holders can access expert charts and round-the-clock customer service for technical analysis.
  • Silver deposits start at a $25,000 minimum. The Silver account provides 24-hour customer service, daily trade notifications, and a personal coach.
  • $50,000 is the required minimum deposit for a gold account. Owners of gold accounts can qualify for rewards of up to 80% on results that are “in the money.”
  • The required minimum deposit for Premium accounts is $100,000. Premium account holders are eligible for a financial expert educational session and have the chance to achieve the highest payouts and significant returns.
  • The minimum deposit requirement for a platinum account is $250,000, in addition to perks.

Silver, gold, and platinum accounts are gradually better than those preceding them. According to our Mega Markets review, this broker is doing its best to distinguish between those who should take risks and those who should be cautious in their trades, which is why there are three different sorts of accounts. In order to encourage trading at any time, only individuals with Platinum accounts will be permitted to use high leverage. This is accomplished by granting Platinum users better leverage and a reduced spread. The user must have made a minimum deposit into their account to achieve the Platinum rating.

Mega Markets

Mega Markets’ Trading Platform

You might have just started a trading account at Mega Markets and be looking for more items that might help you optimize your trade. You will enjoy the secure web-based trading platform Mega Markets has created for its clients. The Broker guarantees respectable trading circumstances that are perfect for manual trading. Perhaps you fall into the group of those who prefer to trade automatically. With the broker’s unique web-based platform, you may accomplish both.

Such folks frequently express skepticism when they learn about trading robots. The truth is that you will eventually need to consult so-called Expert Advisors. If you don’t put ideas into practice, you could get tired quickly since manual trading for a long time might drain your energy and rob you of a true desire to work in the financial markets to become financially independent. Some people believe that trading robots are miraculous tools that can perform all of your duties. That is a false perspective. Traders only utilize this instrument to streamline and optimize their trading procedures and free up enough time for other pursuits.

Trading robots are what are known as expert advisors. These computer programs can open and close trading positions following predetermined criteria and specifications. Technically speaking, it could trade in your place if it operated independently, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have control over it. You always have the option to interject. You can manually terminate or open trade positions, modify parameters, or eliminate an EA if it’s no longer useful to you.

Mega Markets

Using professional advisors with Mega Markets’ unique web-based trading platform has even another benefit. You are aware of the emotional nature of others. We are emotional beings by nature. Other people’s emotions can be manipulated, and they can be either positive or negative. Emotions are, however, our deadliest opponents when it comes to functioning in the financial markets. If you consider yourself an emotional person, trading would be challenging. It’s because emotions block your ability to think logically.

In other words, making the appropriate trading judgments will be impossible if you cannot think clearly. A trader who trades emotionally isn’t trading. On the other hand, trading robots are emotionless machines. So it is reasonable to utilize EAs to rule out any potential harm that emotions might do.

Trading Products

There is certainly no shortage of financial markets offered by Mega Markets; any registered trader can trade assets and CFDs on the Forex market, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, giving the trader a huge variety of assets to choose from and many useful tools to help them profit from their trades. includes a calendar that informs the trader what time each market opens, what days the market works, and whether there are break periods or events that could stop the market, making it simple for the trader to keep track of the markets.

Customer Support

Let’s analyze customer service, which is a crucial component of trading with the broker, last but not least. Every broker’s client should be aware that support is always available. The best approach to contact MegaMarkets support is through the chat facility, which is always open. Direct chat with a corporate representative is quick and simple to use. The website’s contact form, phone number, and email addresses are available for contacting MegaMarkets support. MegaMarkets receives bonus marks for its quick response time and numerous contact options.

Mega Markets

Final Thoughts

After reading these various Mega Markets broker reviews, it is safe to assume that the broker is well-known and trustworthy. It holds several licenses from continents, works closely in various markets, and draws traders from various nations and cultures.

Since Mega Markets adheres to all the major regulations that are stringent to any illegal activities against any money laundering or financial scams, the broker uses all the resources and proof to demonstrate that Mega Markets is not a scam and not a fraud. Hence, we encourage you to go out there and try out Mega Markets; best of luck!



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