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Meta AI to Reportedly Receive Photo Edit Feature on WhatsApp

US social media giant Meta Platforms Inc. is reportedly introducing new capabilities to its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Meta AI, via its collaboration with instant messaging platform WhatsApp.

The report stated that a new WhatsApp beta version for Android will feature a function allowing users to share photos to Meta AI, which it can analyze and face-scan to provide information about its content.

Users are expected to generate prompts requesting the chatbot to carry out specific edits to their images, but the exact scope of the feature has yet to be known.

The report also showed screenshots of WhatsApp appearing to be testing a new camera button in Meta AI that enables manual photo sharing, a capability that is currently unavailable to beta testers.

Meta Furthers AI Push with More AI Image Generator Offerings

The news came as the Facebook parent integrated additional image-generation functions into WhatsApp, with the most recent being an in-development generative AI feature, dubbed ‘Imagine,’ for transforming selfies into customed avatars in any setting, such as a forest or outer space.

The function reportedly will produce the images using photos uploaded by users, text prompts, and the Menlo Park, California-based company’s large language model (LLM), Llama. Users might also have to enable the feature on WhatsApp manually.

It is currently unclear when the AI avatar generator will be launched, seeing WhatsApp is still releasing functions for Meta AI. The tech firm is also working on a beta real-time AI image creator for the messaging platform’s US users.

For now, it may benefit Meta to be cautious about introducing new AI features, considering the issues it encountered with its earlier generative AI tools.

With AI at the center of its future, the company relies on vast amounts of data it obtained from its social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, mainly photos and videos, which could help with its AI development efforts.

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