Michael Arrington: bitcoin price will reach $25,000 this year

michael arrington

Michael Arrington, the founder of Arrington XRP Capital and TechCrunch, noted that, BTC price will reach $25,000 this year.

He also said that the assets of his fund contain more bitcoins than XRP tokens.

“Ripple is a great way to move money. Previously, we transferred all assets to XRP as it allowed us to transport funds across the border with little or no loss, ” Arrington said.

The head of Arrington XRP Capital admitted that currently in the tokens of Ripple contains only a few million dollars – 3-4 percent of total assets.

“Our assets are maximally diversified,” Arrington said.

The last investment of the fund was in the American company Mainframe. The fund also invested significant sums in Korean companies.

According to Arrington, in the period from August to October, regulators will approve the creation of bitcoin-ETF, which will lead to the growth of the main cryptocurrency up to $25,000.