Micron Probed by China for Cybersecurity

China launched a cybersecurity probe for Micron, one of America’s top memory chip makers, in response to new sales limitations of US allies.

According to analysts, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) will assess Micron products in the country. The move is to ensure the security of vital information infrastructure supply chains.

It aims to avoid cybersecurity risks led by hidden product problems and maintain national security.

On the same day, Japan, a US ally, reported that it would restrict deliveries of advanced chip manufacturing equipment. This could affect countries, including China, following the same moves by America and the Netherlands.

The previous month, the Netherlands announced new controlled sales of semiconductor technology overseas. It needed to protect its national security, as said the country. In October, the US banned companies in China from purchasing advanced chips and equipment without a license.

Moreover, authorities in the US attempted to prevent the country’s advanced chip technology from Chinese exports in recent years. It forced targeted controls on domestic industry leaders’ power to sell products to other countries.

As a result, Beijing struck the actions as US discriminating tactics. It vowed that these controls would only strengthen its ability to reach solid self-reliance in the industry. The achievement is a long-established goal of the Asian country.

Chinese Micron Operations Appear Normal

According to Micron, its Chinese business operations are alright as it cooperates with officials’ cybersecurity review of its products. It added that its product deliveries, manufacturing, sales, and other sectors operate fine.

The previous week, the CAC mentioned that they would lead a security review of outputs for sale. This move came from a more profound split between the US and China over chip technology. It left companies struggling in a dilemma.

Besides, Micron is the only player in the US for memory chips in the global market. Also, it is building a new factory worth $15.00 billion in upstate New York.

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