MiHoyo Releases New Video Game Breaking Download Charts

This week, the Genshin Impact developer, MiHoyo, released a new game that became China’s most downloaded application.

Its success hints towards growing demand as gaming giants restart flagship launches with suppression on industry easing. Furthermore, the impressive debut serves well for multiple other games due to launch this summer in the world’s most excellent video games market.

The Shanghai-based company’s new strategy game, Honkai: Star Rail, reached 20 million downloads. This includes smartphone and personal computer downloads.

In just five hours, the game from MiHoyo gained over 1.60 million downloads in China after being published on Wednesday. Worldwide, it scored 5.80 million downloads on smartphones.

Analysts said it broke records by reaching the top spot on the iOS game download chart than any previous game.

Moreover, Honkai: Star Rail earned its publishing license from Beijing in January. This came after authorities stopped suspending game approvals in 2021 after being accused of encouraging gaming addiction.

According to experts, 2023 is about to be a robust growth year for Chinese gaming companies. However, it is mainly for those that obtained licenses for blockbuster titles.

In addition, the last flagship game released by MiHoyo made over $4.00 billion in revenue by 2022. As a result, it is one of the world’s most profitable games.

Honkai by MiHoyo Will Release New Character

The game Honkai: Star Rail by MiHoyo received immense success with over 10 million pre-registrations before landing. There were 20 million players in the first 24 hours.

A devoted group of veteran gacha players is included in those millions, and people only go for their favorite characters.

On Thursday, an online threat declared that those veterans are waiting for a popular Honkai character, Kafka. Fans speculated that MiHoyo would release the new awaited character in a few months.

The attention gathered by Kafka increased due to an exciting opening scene in the game. In addition, its excellent character design and flawless voice acting had gamers on their feet for the famous character debutant.

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