New Castello Coin connecting digital and tradition

New Castello Coin Connecting Digital and Tradition

A new blockchain project, the Castello Coin, reduces the process of entering the classical art world by making it more comfortable than ever to take part in the buying and selling of prestigious art.

Castello Coin is an online means of payment for physical artworks; it permits trading NFTs that are currently bought and sold on online marketplaces. Verifying valuable, physical art has long been a costly and lengthy process that tokenization can streamline.

Like NFTs, tokenized artworks can be bought on online marketplaces in the knowledge that their authenticity and ownership can be drafted back to their respective blockchain.

The team behind the Castello Coin ($CAST), including an internationally prominent contemporary artist, notes that their reason for its takeoff is to bridge the gap between the classical and digital art worlds. They visualize the token as the future standardized payment method for physical and digital art.

According to Sven Wenzel, Online Marketing Strategist and one of the creators behind the Castello Coin project, the utility of the Castello coin is valuable to both collectors and artists, from the art novice to those more familiar with traditional art. The Castello Coin makes feasible the placement of physical art in online marketplaces. It breaks down the high barrier of entry faced by less recognized and up-and-coming artists allowing them to showcase their hard work to a broader audience.

Those more familiar with the world of traditional art now have a point of reference and an authorized guide to help them navigate through digital art if they eventually choose to jump into the digital art space.

About Castello Coin

Castello Coin connects the worlds of artistry and blockchain technology. The Castello team consists of financial and crypto specialists and respected art critics with a commitment to and passion for promoting blockchain technology and the cryptomarket.

Visit for more information on the Castello Coin token, Whitepaper, and the Castello Forum. Currently, Castello Coin is listed on: Bittrex, Uniswap, CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and BitMart.

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