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New Google Pixel 5 Unboxing Video Looks Disappointing

YouTuber Sergiu is the one behind the camera in the unboxing video. The Pixel 5 is previously shown off at Google’s Launch Night In an event yesterday. However, it’s fascinating to see how the new phone looks in a less elegant environment than Google’s keynote.

With the box’s lid lifted,  the phone’s back can be seen in the video in the Just Black color. It’s produced from aluminum, which is distinct from most flagships with wireless charging that use glass backs instead.

Still, Sergiu protests that this causes the phone to feel cheap. While Pixel 5 is less expensive than competing phones from Apple and Samsung, the user doesn’t want to think that they pick up the phone every time.

The best thing to do is hold full judgment until there is a possibility of getting your own hands-on Pixel 5 device

Still, by what Sergiu says in his video, it all sounds very discouraging.

Also, on the phones’ back, there are the dual cameras, a 12.2MP primary sensor and a 16MP ultrawide sensor, and the fingerprint scanner. While you can’t see it, under the back is the wireless charging system that allows the Pixel 5 charge at 10W without cables and distributes its power with other devices like a pair of Pixel Buds 2.

On the front, there is Google’s new 6-inch FHD full-screen display with an 8MP punch-hole selfie camera. The display operates at a 90Hz refresh rate, which isn’t as high as the 120Hz rate of rivals such as the Galaxy S20 but should present an excellent symmetry within smoothness and battery endurance.

The box itself is comparable to other Google products, with a mostly white design, an illustration of the phone, and some red, blue, yellow, and green highlights. The side prominently showcases the phone’s 5G capabilities, this being Google’s first flagship cooperative with the new networking standard.

Underneath the phone is the usual documentation and SIM tool, a USB-C to USB-A adaptor, and the charging brick and USB-C cable. The Pixel 5 charges at 18W like earlier Pixels, which is acceptably fast. But opposed to something like the 65W charger with the upcoming OnePlus 8T, it’s starting to seem a little underpowered.

If a user wants to purchase a Pixel 5 for themself, they’ll have to wait until October 29 if he is in the U.S. or October 15 in the U.K. It’s accessible in a single 128G storage spec, in both Just Black or Sorta Sage color alternatives. Its price will be $699 or £599, which is moderately cheap for a flagship phone, even if the hardware isn’t as powerful as something one could get from Samsung or OnePlus.

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