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Asia from space ‌

Asia-Pacific Closes in on Biggest Trade Deal

Fifteen countries in Asia-Pacific are set to finalize negotiations on Sunday and sign what could become the largest free trade agreement. It would cover nearly a third of the global

Bank of Japan building

Japan’s GDP Seen Shrinking Less than Expected

Japan’s economy will likely shrink more slowly than previously anticipated this fiscal year.  According to a  poll, recovering exports offered relief for policymakers with few tools to cushion the blow

United State map

U.S. Tech Rebounds, China’s Down; Oil Rises

U.S. tech stocks regain some momentum, but China’s is down again. Beijing has drafted harsh new antitrust measures. Oil prices bounce back on signs of strong U.S. demand. OPEC’s monthly

Euro central bank

Central Banks Seek New Role in a New World

The world’s top central bankers will attempt to resolve the existing questions of their profession this week. They take a break from the COVID-19 crisis and tune into the European

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