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US Big Tech

US big tech battles Russia on cennsorship

US big tech companies are now standing against Russia on censorship amid the escalating Ukraine crisis. Moscow now ramped up its efforts to control the narrative in news media and

TMN - cybersecurity companies

Cybersecurity Companies Gain on Ukraine Crisis

Cybersecurity companies are now on a bright spot as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted concerns of cyberattacks. Since last week, the Ukrainian government reported high-volume attacks that affected government websites.

Ukraine Hit by Cyberattack amid Russian Invasion Fears

Ukraine Hit by Cyberattack amid Russian Invasion Fears

A high-volume cyberattack temporarily blocked access to the websites of Ukraine’s banks and defense agencies, escalating fears of a full-scale Russian invasion. Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation stated that a

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Sony Unveils PlayStation VR 2 Design

Sony Group Corporation revealed the design of the new PlayStation virtual reality headset on Tuesday. This move came amid the soaring competition in the VR space. The latest hardware features

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