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Netflix and SK Broadband Settle Conflict

On Monday, SK Broadband reported settling all conflicts with Netflix after filing lawsuits about paying for network traffic growth. The lawsuit gathered attention as the internet provider and the global

Technology, Technology

Uber Confirms Multi-Year Deal with PayPal

On Thursday, Uber Technologies and PayPal Holdings reported a multi-year agreement to boost the US conglomerate’s card processing network. The collaboration will manage the American transportation company’s international expansion. PayPal’s

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Alphabet Reports a Significant Staff Reduction

Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., announced a major workforce layoff, marking itself the first tech firm to make cuts this quarter. Reducing employee headcount would slash hundreds, mainly affecting non-technical

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Apple Rolled Out its new iPhone 15 Pro

On Tuesday, Apple released its iPhone 15 Pro with a new titanium shell, a faster-performing chip, and better video game-playing features. Its biggest surprise for iPhone fans is the price,

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