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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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St. Vincent & the Grenadines

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English, Portuguese




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Currency, CFDs, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrency


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Introduction: Nixse


Nixse is an online brokerage firm, which offers multiple services. It aims to provide its clients with the best trading conditions and constant innovation. Nixse LLC operates at, providing trading services registered under the jurisdiction of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

The company’s vision is to provide its clients with access to the world’s markets more with ease and efficiency, with a lower cost than what exists in the market today.

Nixse offers the lowest commissions. Using this brokerage, you may invest with razor-thin fees and low commissions on all markets, thus saving tremendous amounts of money.

Moreover, the brokerage is very dedicated to its clients. Its support is on standby to help you with any questions during trading hours.

Does Nixse Offers Good Security?

If you decide to join the trading world, it’s essential to choose an absolutely trustworthy broker. After all, your money’s security depends on it. No one wants to lose the funds, which are so hard to earn in the first place.

Nixse works tirelessly to guarantee its clients a safe and secure trading experience. If you choose this broker, you won’t have to worry about losing your money in any scums or suspicious schemes. In fact, the firm uses the best trading platform and newest tools to provide its clients with accurate information about the markets. Thus, making it possible for them to make more profit.

The company is registered under the jurisdiction of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. It obeys all regulations. Also, Nixse ensures that its operations to be transparent for its clients. The brokerage always prioritizes security first, along with a comfortable and easy trading experience for its clients.

Nixse Review, Nixse Review

The brokerage offers several types of accounts for beginner or experienced traders. It can accommodate every client according to their needs. There are various Nixse’s accounts, and therefore, you can pick one which best suits your interests. The company makes it really easy for you to gain success in the markets. It offers the Newcomer, Standard, Blaze, and Turbo accounts for traders that are at the beginner or average levels. However, if you decide to go VIP, Nixse offers several choices as well. You can choose one from either the VIP Exclusive, VIP Gold, or VIP Platinum.

With the use of Nixse’s profound services and tools, you can make your trading life easier and secure your investment. You can start using their services by creating an account on After that, you can fund your account and start trading in the market.

Furthermore, the lowest deposit amount is 250 USD. However, each account has various trading conditions that would be very beneficial depending on what kind of trading strategies and objectives you are looking for in your investment period.

You can also change account types later if needed. However, the firm has certain conditions in changing account types. You’ll need to contact their representatives to assist you in that case.

Here is a list of the account types and a brief overview of what they offer:


Min. Deposit USD 250

    • Basic Markets
    • Antagonistic Pricing
    • Robust MetaTrader 5
    • Mobile Trading
    • Secure Ordering
    • Responsive Support
    • Education Tools
    • 400:1 Leverage


Min. Deposit USD 15,000

  • Basic Markets
  • Antagonistic Pricing
  • Robust MetaTrader 5
  • Mobile Trading
  • Secure Ordering
  • Responsive Support
  • Education Tools
  • 400:1 Leverage


Min. Deposit USD 50,000

  • More Markets
  • Antagonistic Pricing
  • Robust MetaTrader 5
  • Mobile Trading
  • Secure Ordering
  • Responsive Support
  • Education Tools
  • 400:1 Leverage


Min. Deposit USD 100,000

  • Advanced Markets
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Robust MetaTrader 5
  • Mobile Trading
  • Secure Ordering
  • Responsive Support
  • Education Tools
  • 400:1 Leverage


Min. Deposit USD 500,000

  • Markets of your choice
  • No limitations on lots traded, no extra charges
  • 0 Fees on Deposit
  • Advanced Education
  • Islamic Accounts
  • Daily technical signals
  • Daily comprehensive analysis
  • Advanced execution orders


Min. Deposit USD 1,000,000

  • Markets of your choice
  • No limitations on lots traded, no extra charges
  • 0 Fees on Deposit
  • Advanced Education
  • Islamic Accounts
  • Daily technical signals
  • Daily comprehensive analysis
  • Advanced execution orders

VIP Platinum

Min. Deposit USD 10,000,000

Enjoy the extraordinary advantages of having a Nixse VIP Platinum. The more you invest, the more benefits you gain.

  • Markets of your choice
  • No limitations on lots traded
  • Access to Events & Seminars
  • 0 Fees on Deposit
  • Advanced Education
  • Islamic Accounts
  • Daily technical signals
  • Daily comprehensive analysis
  • Advanced execution order

What Can you Trade with

Nixse Review, Nixse Review

Nixse guarantees deep access to Global Markets. With this brokerage, you can trade over 1500 instruments on the MT5 trading platform. Thus, choosing from Currencies, Stocks, Commodities, Digital Currencies, and Indices with the lowest fees and commissions on all markets.

If you need professional advice, the firm can assign one of its proficient market representatives to guide you throughout your trading course, whether you’re a beginner or a knowledgeable trader. It’s part of Nixse’s services to ensure its clients’ successful and secure trading experience.

Nixse offers access to:

Currency Pairs

You can trade on more than 90 currency pairs. They are available 24 hours a day, five days a week. You can also get access to trading gears that can help you identify trading opportunities and, as a result, benefit from leverage up to 1:400.

Stock Indices

By trading stock indices, you have the prospect to yield from the market price movements of the best-performing companies in the NASDAQ, S&P 500, FTSE 100, and other exchanges without the overhead of holding shares.


For many people investing in gold is investing in the long-term. With Nixse’s robust trading platform, you can trade gold, platinum, and silver with low-cost trading conditions.


Energies are an excellent market for investors that seek to diversify their portfolio. With this brokerage, you can trade on the price movements of the world’s most exclusive energies, such as Crude oil and Natural Gas, without ever carrying out a physical interchange.

Global Shares

You can also trade stocks from major corporations worldwide. With Nixse’s robust trading platform, you may go short or long on the world’s most traded companies, such as Google, Netflix, Microsoft, and Tesla.

Digital Currencies

If you are interested in buying and selling Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other sought-after digital currencies without possessing them, then Nixse is your broker. Besides, the Digital currency market is open 24/7, so you can invest at any time on any day.

Nixse Trading Platform

Nixse Review, Nixse Review

The company offers the best trading platform on the market, the last-fifth generation of MetaTrader. In fact, this multi-asset platform is many investors’ first choice for exchanging Currencies, Commodities, Stocks & Indices.

MT5 provides advanced charting and trading tools, as well as the ability for automated ordering. Moreover, it has lots of benefits and features. Here are some of them:

  • More than 1,500 instruments
  • Secure, easy to use, and convenient
  • Superior analysis tools
  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • 21 different timeframes
  • Up to 100 charts simultaneously provides access to MT5 via the web. You can trade from anywhere directly from your browser, with no additional installations. The firm’s clients have full access to platform functions.

Mobile Platform Accessible

MT5 works on every browser. However, if you don’t have access to the web or simply prefer to use your mobile, it doesn’t pose any problem as well. You can use Nixse’s mobile platform to trade with smartphones anytime and anywhere.

Trading Instruments


The brokerage offers advanced tools to its clients, such as Fibonacci Calculation. It’s ideal for forecasting estimated price targets. You can use this calculation tool to generate standard Fibonacci retracement and extension values in both up and down trends, by filling the high and low values of your preference.

There is also Pivot Calculation, which tracks intraday support/resistance levels. Furthermore, the company provides live calendar updates on the latest events. Its Economic Calendar tool covers all key financial events, news, and alerts that affect the global markets.

Contact Details 


The firm provides fast and efficient customer services. It has a Live Chat, which you can use anytime. Nixse’s operators will contact you and help with any questions. You can also send them an email or call on the number: +18778977939.

The brokerage also offers options depending on your questions. If you need help with opening an account, you can use this contact information:

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: +18778977939

But if you are already a registered client and need further guidance, then write or call them on the following:

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: +18778977939

Nixse Review: Additional Information


Our experts studied the brokerage’s offerings carefully to determine if it was trustworthy. They concluded that Nixse offers the best conditions for trading. You will get lots of advantages if you choose this firm. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to diversify and trade many assets at the same time.

Nixse provides secure transactions with no hidden fees. And all withdrawals are processed within hours. Thus, giving you fast and easy access to your funds.

The company ensures that its clients make informed investment decisions and spot new opportunities with best-in-class analysis, news, and training.

All of their products and services are offered on top of a no-compromise approach to a secure, dependable, and fast trading environment.

The brokerage has flexible leverage, which is one more advantage. You can manage your risk and capital one step ahead with stretchy leverage up to 1:400, with lower margin requirements.

However, beware that the financial market and its leveraged products are complex instruments. They come with a high risk of potentially losing capital. Therefore, you should not invest more than you are prepared to lose.

Nixse warns that considering your market experience and knowledge is particularly important before using their services.

Also, please, consider that some countries may be restricted from using the services of Nixse, including the USA, North Korea, and Iraq.



We aspire to give our readers correct and trustworthy information. While researching Nixse, we discovered this brokerage’s many advantages. It offers secure and safe trading with good leverage and no fees, deep access to the world’s biggest markets, and the ability to diversify.

If you need some advice, the firm provides that as well to ensure its clients’ success on the market. It is always eager to help with any problem, and all transactions are transparent. We definitely recommend using this platform as it checks all the boxes when it comes to an excellent brokerage.




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Comments Rating 5 (97 reviews)

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